CHATTANOOGA, TN, April 10, 2024 ─ Every day, Transport Enterprise Leasing (TEL) works to help independent owner-operators, commercial truck fleets and other customers succeed in the transportation business. Now the company has joined the American Trucking Associations (ATA) to expand support for the trucking industry nationwide, said Sheri Aaberg, chief operating officer of TEL.

“We have joined ATA’s fight to protect America’s trucking businesses from overregulation and to promote their growth,” she noted.


“As an allied member of the national association and many of its state affiliates, we applaud ATA efforts to educate lawmakers on issues affecting the livelihoods of truckers. We look forward to contributing to, and benefiting from, the industry data, best practices and programs that ATA provides members to improve operations and profitability,” Aaberg added.


“Transport Enterprise Leasing is a recognized and respected name in our industry, and I am thrilled to welcome them to the ATA family,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “With ATA engaged on so many fronts – from safety and trade to infrastructure – having industry leaders like Transport Enterprise Leasing at the table is critical to our industry’s success.”


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About Transport Enterprise Leasing LLC

Transport Enterprise Leasing (TEL) is a leading national provider of commercial truck and trailer leasing, sales and remarketing. We help hardworking professionals build profitable businesses by providing and financing new and like-new transport equipment from top brands, including Peterbilt, Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, Hyundai, Wabash, Utility and Fontaine. We specialize in Class 8 sleepers and day cabs, dry vans, reefers and flatbeds. We also are known for our comprehensive support programs, such as fleet support and maintenance advisory.


Founded in 2004, our headquarters is located in Chattanooga, TN, with additional facility operations right off I-70 in the east Indianapolis metro area (Greenfield, IN).


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On April 4, 2024, the Technician Skills Competition brought together the best and brightest in the transportation industry. This annual event, hosted by the Tennessee Trucking Association, tests the skills of member companies’ technicians. 

This year’s competition highlighted the diverse skills and knowledge within our industry. From written exams to hands-on challenges, participants demonstrated their mastery across a range of categories. 

This year’s overall winners were:

3rd Place Overall – Brad Calfee, Walmart Transportation
2nd Place Overall – Andrew Grimm, Clarke Power Services
1st Place Overall & Grand Champion – Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express

In addition to the top overall winners, individual category champions include: 

  • Written Exam: Christian Mendl, Love’s Travel Stops
  • Service Information: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Electrical: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Transmission: John Victory, Rush Truck Center
  • Suspension: Shane Redknap, Ozark Motor Lines
  • Brakes: Brad Calfee, Walmart Transportation
  • Engines: Brad Calfee, Walmart Transportation
  • Fasteners: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Wheel End: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Precision Measuring: Julio Mateo, McKee Foods Transportation
  • ABS: Jeramiah Carter, Averitt Express
  • Basic DMM: Jessie Miller, Western Express

Thank you to all participants, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to this year’s success. Congratulations to all the winners, and here’s to another year of keeping Tennessee safely on the move!

View all competition photos here.


Thank you 2024 Sponsors! 

Vertical Alliance Group, Crow’s Truck Service, Inc., Cummins-Meritor, Imperial Supplies, LLC, Parman Energy, Clarke Power Services, Josh International, TAG Truck Center, McKee Foods Transportation, Penske Truck Leasing, Phillips Industries, Rush Truck Center Nashville, Christenson Transportation. 

Thank you 2024 Sponsors


SB1692/HB1731 the “MOTION” Act is the TTA 2024 legislative package that continues to move through the legislature.  The legislation sponsored by Senator Jack Johnson and Representative Jake McCalmon modernizes the current towing laws and addresses storage fees, notices, creates a state portal, etc.  It also addresses the predatory booting practices in Tennessee. The booting of trucks and trailers with USDOT numbers and plates will be illegal. Other major changes are included. 


Tennessee Franchise Tax Passes the Senate Floor, Set for House Debate Next Week

Last week, the Senate heard discussions on the $1.9 billion dollar franchise tax break, a bill aimed at providing refunds and tax breaks to certain businesses within Tennessee. SB2103, also known as the Tennessee franchise tax bill, sparked extensive deliberation during the floor session. Senators Ken Yager (R-Kingston) and Bo Watson (R-Hixson) passionately advocated for the bill’s approval, while Senators Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) and Heidi Campbell (D-Nashville) voiced strong opposition. Following extensive debate, SB2103 passed the Senate, receiving  party-line-votes of Aye-25 and No-6.


On the other hand, progress on the House side has been limited. HB1893 is currently scheduled to be heard in the House Finance Ways and Means Subcommittee on Tuesday, April 2nd.


Bill to Bar Local Governments from Reappointing Expelled Lawmakers Passes House Floor

A bill aimed at preventing a local legislative body from reappointing lawmakers who were expelled from the legislature due to disorderly conduct successfully passed the House Floor. This legislation, sponsored by Representative Johnny Garrett (R-Goodlettsville) in the House and Senator Ferrell Haile (R-Gallatin) in the Senate, was filed in response to the prompt reappointments the Nashville and Memphis City Councils made last April of Reps. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) and Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) following House expulsion proceedings. Jones and Pearson, who became known nationwide as two members of the “Tennessee Three,” were expelled from the House for disorderly conduct in a largely party-line vote, only to be promptly reappointed to their House seats by their respective city councils. On Monday night, Democrats proposed four separate amendments on the floor, but all failed to pass.

Although House Republicans showed their support with a 69-22 party-line vote on Monday night, testimony from legal counsel during the State Government Committee indicated potential constitutional concerns with the bill. Lt. Governor Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) has also expressed reservations about the bill, citing possible constitutional issues. Earlier this month, McNally stated, “while I am aware of the serious issues the bill attempts to solve, I may have concerns about the constitutional questions the legislation presents.” He commented that he will be able to make a better assessment of the bill once the bill starts moving through the Senate committee process. Despite the bill’s success in the House, it was deferred to Summer Study in the Senate, which means the upper chamber will not take up the measure this year.



 Gov. Lee’s School Choice Initiative Advances in House and Senate


Governor Lee’s plan to expand the Education Savings Account (ESA) Program continued its advance this month in both the House and Senate, although the versions differ widely due to amendments attached to the bills in the respective chambers. Both versions of the bills passed out of the Education Committees. The Senate amendment was added to the bill and passed on a 7-1 party-line vote. The bill includes highlights such as allowing students to attend school in any district that has available space even if they are not zoned for it, as well as new testing requirements. The Senate bill moves on to the Finance, Ways & Means Committee.

Meanwhile, the House Education Administration Committee deliberated the House version of the bill for nearly five hours. Throughout the hearing, lawmakers questioned Education Commissioner Lizzette Reynolds — a proponent of school choice — primarily to address budgetary and financial concerns. Eventually, the committee voted to advance the House bill with the recommendation of two amendments, by a 12-7 margin. On March 18, the bill passed out of the House Government Operations Committee with a positive recommendation and now moves on the House Finance, Ways & Means Subcommittee.

Despite lengthy and intense debates in both chambers, disagreement persists regarding the final version of the bill. Currently, neither the Senate nor the House seems willing to compromise on their respective versions of the legislation. However, the Senate proposal, with a fiscal impact of $95 million this year and $333 million at full capacity, and the House proposal, with a fiscal impact starting at $398 million and jumping to $425 million in the program’s second year, will have different implications for the State of Tennessee’s budget depending on which version is ultimately adopted.


Wagner Confirmed to Tennessee Supreme Court

Governor Lee’s nomination of Shelby County Circuit Court Judge, Mary L. Wagner, to the state Supreme Court was confirmed Monday, March 11th by the General Assembly in an overwhelming fashion, with the House vote of 94-3 and the Senate 32-0.  Wagner, 39, fills the seat soon to be vacated by retiring Justice Roger A. Page in August.

Wagner, a graduate of the University of Colorado and the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, was appointed in 2016 and has served in her position as Shelby County Circuit Court judge since 2018.  Prior to her current position, Wagner worked for the Memphis law firm Rice, Amundsen and Caperton.

Wagner received widespread praise throughout the vetting process, and – as was the case with Justice Sarah Campbell – some insiders believe that she bears watching as a potential future nominee to the United States Supreme Court.  Indeed, the vote to confirm Wagner was nearly unanimous.

Wagner is Governor Lee’s third Supreme Court appointment and is one of five on the five-member court. She received a standing ovation from the joint chamber following the vote.  



TTA Day on the Hill and legislative reception will take place on Wednesday, April 10. We looking forward to TTA members visiting with members of the General Assembly to address concerns of the industry but to also thank them for supporting our legislative initiatives this year. 


Washington – Fourteen members of the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to meet with the state’s congressional delegation. 

Tennessee’s 22,070 primarily small, locally owned trucking businesses provide 249,000 good-paying, family-supporting jobs in the Volunteer State.  The TTA members urged Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty as well as their U.S. Representatives to advocate for policies that will help grow this essential pillar of the state’s economy.

“Trucking is essential to the economy, and our industry works hard every single day to deliver for the American people.  When policy roadblocks arise, we depend on the support from our elected leaders in Washington and in Nashville to help get our supply chain moving again,” said Donna England, president & CEO of the Tennessee Trucking Association.  “We appreciate our Members of Congress taking the time to meet with us to talk in-depth about some of the top issues facing our industry and explore ways we can work together to push for bipartisan solutions that will be beneficial for both truckers and consumers.”

In their meeting in Representative Mark Green’s office, the TTA members expressed their gratitude for the Congressman responding to concerns they first raised last year.  During the group’s previous visit to Washington, they told Representative Green about truckers’ difficulties obtaining transportation security credentials.  The Transportation Security Screening Modernization Act he subsequently introduced would help fix this issue by eliminating redundant fees and background checks for essential transportation workers.

TTA’s discussions with lawmakers and congressional staff extended to a number of additional pressing challenges, such as:

Preventing lawsuit abuse

Due to trial lawyers exploiting the legal system, lawsuits targeting trucking have increased at an exponential pace in both the volume of cases and the size of verdict awards.  Between 2010 and 2018, the average size of large verdicts increased by nearly 1,000%, from $2.3 million to $22.3 million.  These exorbitant costs are spread across the entire industry and are ultimately passed down to consumers in the form of increased prices for goods and skyrocketing insurance premiums.  TTA is supportive of comprehensive lawsuit abuse reform to restore fairness and balance to the judicial system.

Promoting workforce development

Given the ongoing shortage of truck drivers, TTA has pushed for legislation that would make it easier for Tennesseans to fill these roles, embark on bright career paths, and make good wages.  Among other workforce development initiatives, TTA supports the LICENSE Act, which would simplify the CDL credentialing process without compromising safety.

Addressing energy and environment issues

The trucking industry has made massive strides in reducing tailpipe emissions over the past 35 years.  As a result, the industry has cut harmful NOx and particulate matter emissions by 99%, virtually eliminated all sulfur-dioxide emissions, and stands to cut 1.37 billion metric tons of CO2 between 2014 and 2027.  In fact, 60 of today’s trucks emit what just one truck emitted in 1988. 

TTA called on their Members of Congress to build on this progress by encouraging innovation rather than one-size-fits-all mandates and setting achievable regulatory targets and timelines.  One solution to help get the newest, cleanest trucks on the road is to repeal the federal excise tax on heavy-duty trucks and trailers, which adds upwards of $20,000 to the cost of a new clean-diesel tractor.



The meetings were facilitated by the American Trucking Associations’ Call on Washington program, which provides members with the opportunity to meet directly with Members of Congress, key congressional staff, federal regulators, and fellow industry leaders to discuss legislation and regulations affecting the trucking industry.  The ATA Federation has a permanent presence in the halls of Congress year-round, with state associations visiting weekly on a rolling basis.



Please join TSH in extending best wishes and to announce that Marge Ratleph, esteemed Safety Manager at Tennessee Steel Haulers retired earlier this month.

Marge came to TSH in 2011 playing an integral part in shaping the safety team and has been a reliable, highly sought after asset to our staff and team of owner operators. Her passion for trucking, dedication, and tenacity right from the very beginning has attributed to her successful career.

She has been a pillar of strength, a mentor, and friend to many fellow employees and owner operators throughout the years with her keen transportation safety mindset. TSH shall remain grateful for years to come for the impact she had with the company and beyond. Including her leadership role for over 24 years serving as an advisor and chairman on various safety councils and steering committees related to the Tennessee Trucking Association.

Never a day passed in her nearly twenty-eight years in the trucking industry where Marge wasn’t inspiring her fellow colleagues, telling a joke or two, or having a “friendly” conversation with drivers about their not-so great safety habits.

Her years of experience and technical know-how will be missed. We extend our warmest wishes to Marge as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.

Paladin Capital, Inc. is announcing the retirement of its Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Bill Prevost, effective April 1, 2024. Bill  joined Quickway  as President in 2004 and was the visionary and founding force behind the formation of its ESOP which today is the largest and most diverse ESOP in the transportation industry. In 2016 Quickway’s holding company became Paladin Capital Inc. Bill has dedicated over two decades of his career to the Company, demonstrating unwavering commitment, leadership, and vision. His strategic acumen and guidance were instrumental in driving Paladin Capital’s acquisitions, internal growth, and success. He has been totally committed to the core value of safety, making Paladin Capital an industry leader in safe driving and accident prevention. Since the formation of the ESOP in 2004, under Bill’s leadership, the share price of Paladin Capital has grown at 15.4% per year.  Paladin Capital expresses its deepest gratitude for his instillation and daily modeling of our core values and inspirational leadership during his tenure.

Brian Hall will become the new Chief Executive Officer of Paladin Capital, Inc. effective upon Mr. Prevost’s retirement. Brian is the current President and Chief Operating Officer of Paladin Capital’s Value-Added Services Business Unit.  Previously, Brian was with Werner Enterprises as a Director for 10 years and D.M. Bowman as CEO for 16 years. Mr. Hall stated, “We have an outstanding team that Bill has built, I am excited to work alongside them to chart our path forward for the benefit of our employee shareholders and customers.” 


Paladin Capital, Inc. is a 100% employee-owned ESOP and consists of the Quickway companies, SNL Distribution Services Corp., Robert Bearden, Inc., Dolphin Line, Inc.,  Magnum Express, Inc.,  Capital City Leasing, Inc., Freight Contracting Services, LLC, Central Logistics, Inc., Sutherland National Insurance Company, and Paladin Technologies.


Nestled in the scenic surroundings of Collegedale, TN, McKee Foods opened its doors to a group of passionate professionals all united by one mission – enhancing road safety. The stunning facility served as more than just a meeting place; it became a crucible where ideas and experiences melded together to forge new paths for safety in trucking.

From the get-go, the day’s agenda promised a blend of expertise and innovation​​:

Crash Update and Impact on Supply Chain: A critical look at how large truck crashes affect the local supply chain, with insights on prevention strategies.

Freight and Parking Projects: Updates on freight logistics and the latest on truck parking projects in Tennessee, shedding light on the ripple effects across neighboring states.

Port Logistics Update: A deep dive into the operations of the Georgia Ports Authority and how they influence Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Thrive Regional Infrastructure Portal: A live demonstration of a new geospatial data portal that’s set to revolutionize transportation stakeholders’ operations in Freight Alley.

Each session was a stepping stone towards a clearer understanding of the current safety landscape and what the future holds for the industry.

The speakers’ list was nothing short of impressive, featuring voices like Stephanie Mann from FMCSA-TN, Captain Allen England from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and Wesley Barrell from the Georgia Ports Authority. They, along with many others, didn’t just speak; they engaged, challenged, and inspired every attendee to think differently about safety.

The event wasn’t all talk. The interactive Kahoot quiz on what was learned, and the feedback session where everyone shared their take on improving future events, ensured that this was a day of active participation. It was clear – this coalition was ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. And what’s a meeting without a little treat? Participants not only left with new insights and connections but also with boxes of Little Debbies snack cakes thanks to McKee, a sweet end to a productive day.

For those wondering who should attend future meetings, how to get involved, or about the cost – it’s free, aimed at trucking professionals, and with more meetings planned across Tennessee, there’s an opportunity for everyone to jump on board. As the inaugural CPR Safety Coalition Meeting came to a close, it was clear that this wasn’t just another event. It was the start of something bigger – a concerted effort towards a safer future on the roads. 

Click here to join the waitlist and receive notifications on the next CPR event scheduled for Memphis, TN in April 2024.

View more photos from the CPR event here.


📊 Event Slides

Dive into detailed analyses, insights, and innovative ideas shared during our sessions.You can view the slides here.

If you cannot access them through the above link. Please find the slides below.

Allen England – TN Highway Patrol

Stephanie.Mann- FMCSA

Dollena McHenry – TN Highway Patrol

Dan Pallme – TN Department of Transportation

Shannon Millsaps – THRIVE

Grady Phillips & Rhonda Harris – Workforce QA & Law Enforcement Agency

Jason Harris AL Law Enforcement Agency.

Captain Dawn Arrowood – GA Department of Public Safety

Sharae Moore – She Trucking Foundation

Wesley Barrell- GA Ports Authority

View the agenda from the Chattanooga Coalition for an overview of the day’s events. 


Winter weather has created dozens of potholes along interstates and highways, and TDOT is working to repair them as fast as possible over the coming days and weeks. Numerous Roadway Work Zones will seemingly pop up along the way and can create special challenges for drivers of large commercial vehicles due to space restrictions.

Roadway work must take place within highway rights-of-way and more often have a reduced number of travel lanes. The most common violations in work zone areas are speeding and distracted driving.


  • In Tennessee during the calendar year 2022, there were 3,047 Work Zone Crashes, and 691 Involved a Large Truck.
  • Workers were present in 735 of those crashes.
  • 124 secondary crashes occurred.
  • 7 in 10 occurred in an Urban Area.
  • 1 out of 8 involved a Distracted Driver.
  • 12 of 22 Fatal Work Zone Crashes involved Alcohol / Drugs.

The greatest number of crashes are on Tuesdays from 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm, and Thursdays from 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

For more information related to Work Zone Crashes or other crash-related information, you can click on:


Reduce your chance of a Work Zone Crash:

  • Pay attention to work zone signs
  • Slow down when approaching the zone, while in the zone, and leaving the zone
  • Leave enough space between you and others
  • Be prepared to stop or slow down unexpectedly
  • Watch for traffic and workers going in and out of the work zone


If possible, research your route before setting out on the road, avoid work zones, and use any available detours. A Work Zone is a No Accident Zone!

Marty Pollock, Director of Safety

Tennessee Trucking Association


The West Tennessee Safety/Maintenance Council hosted its first meeting of 2024 on February 8, 2024, at C.H. Robinson’s Memphis location. This session brought together industry professionals to discuss critical safety and maintenance issues affecting the trucking sector.

Wesley Russell, a Hazardous Materials Specialist from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), led the meeting. His presentation covered a range of essential topics, including the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on Safety Fitness Determination and the Comment Period for DataQs. Russell provided updates on Emergency Exemptions, the Crash Preventability Determination Program, and the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot.

The meeting highlighted initiatives aimed at improving safety within the Memphis area and addressed the critical issue of human trafficking, emphasizing the industry’s role in combating this problem.

Thank you to Crows Truck Center for sponsoring lunch and contributing to the day’s success

To engage with the West Tennessee Safety/Maintenance Council and join the newsletter list click here to join the email list for future meetings and event topics. These meetings are a great opportunity for professionals to contribute to and benefit from the council’s valuable work in promoting safety and maintenance excellence in the trucking industry.



The Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) is excited to usher in the second cohort of the Leading Edge Program, which began on January 10th. This initiative is designed to cultivate the skills of promising individuals within the trucking industry, paving the way for the next generation of leadership.

This year’s group is a blend of dynamic professionals from various member companies. Each participant brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table, poised to make significant contributions to the industry.

Meet the Participants

Jase Carvell, Rush Truck Center, Nashville
Ashton Storey, Titan Transfer, Inc.
Jonathan Gipson, Dobbs Peterbilt
Chris Fugatt, McKee Foods Transportation LLC
Joshua Wichman, Covenant Logistics
Connor Eli, TCW, Inc.
Christian Courts, Dobbs Peterbilt
Jeremy Faircloth, P&S Transportation
Michelle Hosford, Kenco Transportation Services, LLC
Bri Law, Tennessee Trucking Association
Ashley Simmons, Covenant Logistics

Thank you to everyone who nominated our new Leading Edge cohort, embarking on a transformative journey.

And thank you to Deborah Varallo from Varallo Public Relations, Sarah Heffington of M&W Logistics Group, and Adam Saner from Titan Transfer, and alum of the 2023 Leading Edge program, for sharing their insights with this year’s participants.

To learn more about the Leading Edge program and apply for next year’s program click here

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – The Tennessee Department of Transportation contract crews will be closing the I-55 Mississippi River Bridge this weekend to continue construction activities on the I-55 and Crump interchange. Activities include repair work on the I-55 bridge and removal of overhead sign structures. All work is weather-dependent.

Saturday, February 3, 5:00 am through  Monday, February 5, 6:00 am

  • I-55 SB will be closed at Bridgeport Road in Arkansas
  • I-55 NB will be closed at South Parkway* in Tennessee

*Local traffic will be allowed to continue to the McLemore exit

  • I-55 SB ramp will be closed
  • Crump Boulevard WB will be closed

A detour will be posted. 


From your desktop or mobile device, get the latest construction activity and live-streaming SmartWay traffic cameras at Travelers can also dial 511 for travel information, or follow us on Twitter at for statewide travel or West Tennessee follow


As always, drivers are reminded to use all motorist information tools wisely and Know Before You Go! by checking travel conditions before leaving for your destination. Drivers should never tweet, text, or talk on a cell phone while behind the wheel.





Nichole Lawrence | Region 4

Community Relations Officer

300 Benchmark Place

Jackson, Tennessee 38301

  1. 731-935-0318 c. 731-225-6041


CHATTANOOGA, TN, JAN. 12, 2024 – Transport Enterprise Leasing (TEL) has donated a 2022 Freightliner Cascadia commercial truck to Remote Area Medical (RAM) to power the nonprofit’s free pop-up clinics, announced Victor Duggard, chief financial officer of TEL. The truck, valued at $85,000, will transport RAM’s mobile clinic to locations throughout the region where the charity provides medical, dental and vision care to the uninsured and underserved.


“There is a tremendous need for medical services for individuals without insurance or the money to get medical services in our society. This is where RAM fills the void,” explained Duggard. “Partnering with a great organization like this is a great way for us to give back in our community.”


“RAM is grateful for this generous donation from Transport Enterprise Leasing,” Chris Hall, chief operations officer, said. “This commercial truck will allow us to continue to provide free, quality healthcare to those in need across the United States. As we expand our services and number of clinics, our fleet of tractor-trailers becomes an ever-growing, important aspect of delivering the care that countless individuals are seeking. Barriers exist for our patients in many different ways. With this truck, we are able to continue to remove those barriers that stand in the way of access to healthcare.”


Founded in 1985, RAM has recruited more than 196,000 volunteer providers and support staff over the years to treat nearly 1 million individuals, delivering free healthcare services valued at more than $195 million, the charity estimated. Some clinics provide care through on-site providers, while others deliver care via telehealth services in Tennessee.


Dozens of clinics are scheduled for the coming months in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and in states as far away as Alaska. Pop-up clinics slated for January and February include visits Jan. 12-14 in Knoxville, TN, and Feb. 17-18 in Henderson, NC.


To support RAM and learn more about its clinics, please visit


About Transport Enterprise Leasing LLC

Transport Enterprise Leasing (TEL) is a leading national provider of commercial truck and trailer leasing, sales and remarketing. We help hardworking professionals build profitable businesses by providing and financing new and like-new transport equipment from top brands, including Peterbilt, Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, Hyundai, Wabash, Utility and Fontaine. We specialize in Class 8 sleepers and day cabs, dry vans, reefers and flatbeds. We also are known for our comprehensive support programs, such as fleet support and maintenance advisory.

Founded in 2004, our headquarters is located in Chattanooga, TN, with additional facility operations right off I-70 in the east Indianapolis metro area (Greenfield, IN).

For more information on TEL, please visit