The Tennessee Trucking Foundation (TTF) wants to do more to educate teens about driving safely around large trucks and commercial vehicles.  Motor vehicle crashes are the single biggest killer of teenagers – more than AIDS, street violence, and drug use combined (Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety).  The nationally known curriculum “Teens & Trucks Share the Road” program was created in collaboration with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), Arizona Trucking Association, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and American Trucking Associations. This is an excellent resource complete with instructor lesson plans, student workbooks, DVDs, and pre and post-test evaluations.

Large trucks are a dominant part of the traffic stream and represent every 4th vehicle on the road.  Over 91% of Tennessee’s communities depend exclusively on large trucks to move their goods.  The Tennessee Department of Transportation recently posted the findings from INRIX, a leading provider of highly accurate traffic information and driver services, on their website. Findings show that Tennessee is at the top of the list of states with key corridors and one or more crossroads.   Over 77,000 large trucks pass through Tennessee each day on their way to other destinations.  Trucks bring the good stuff and we are on a mission in Tennessee to educate our teens and all highway motorists about safely sharing the road with large trucks and other large commercial vehicles.

Currently, the TTF is reaching out to introduce the “Teens & Trucks Share the Road” program to all public high schools, private high schools, commercial companies that teach driver’s education, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol Special Program Officers that teach safety education across the state. Driver’s education in the State of Tennessee does not have a state standard of the curriculum; therefore schools may select whichever program they like best. Private companies may choose their own curriculum and all programs are monitored by the Tennessee Department of Safety. The consensus has been from all groups surveyed that there is not enough emphasis on the importance of understanding how to drive safely around large trucks and commercial vehicles. This curriculum is well-structured, and effective and can easily be incorporated into any existing driver’s education program.  Please contact at Tennessee Trucking Foundation to request your Copy of the Teens & Trucks DVD, Student Workbook, and Lesson Plan.


Road Safety Videos

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The Tennessee Trucking Foundation created a great resource for young drivers to stay safe on the roads. Their safety videos provide clear and concise information about the dangers of speeding, and texting, and how to drive responsibly on the road next to trucks. These videos provide a great resource for drivers of all ages. We strongly encourage everyone to take the time to watch these videos, so that they can stay safe on the roads and prevent accidents.