At the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA), we’re not just about trucks; we’re about the people who drive them, the businesses that thrive because of them, and the community that supports them.  And now, we’re inviting you, our valued members, to be a part of this mission by referring your peers to join our ranks.

Why Refer Someone to TTA?

  • Strengthen Your Network: Every new member brings a wealth of knowledge and opportunities. By expanding our community, you’re directly contributing to a broader, more diverse network of professionals. Imagine the possibilities!
  • Enhance Industry Influence: More voices mean more influence. With each referral, our capacity to advocate for the interests of the trucking industry grows, allowing us to make even greater strides in policy, safety, and professional standards.

It’s Simple to Make a Referral

Referring a colleague is easy. Just fill out the form below with your details and those of the prospective member. We’ll take it from there, ensuring they receive a warm welcome and all the information they need about joining our thriving community.


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