Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournaments


Since the program’s inception in 1989, the Tennessee Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Classics have become a rousing success. The event has grown in size and scope as more than 2.1 million dollars has been raised for children’s charities in Tennessee and the TTF Scholarship Fund. 


Middle Tennessee (Nashville) – July 23, 2020 – Hermitage Golf Course


East Tennessee (Knoxville)July 30, 2020 – Egwani Farms Golf Course 


Southeast Tennessee (Chattanooga) – October 7, 2020 – Windstone Golf Club



As in the past, the proceeds from these 2020 events went to helping children’s charities across the State. These events are great for networking and just getting outside and having a good time with friends and business associates. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make sure these events were better than ever and to those who signed up to play and sponsor! Your generosity of participating in these events has helped support the Nashville Ronald McDonald House, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Shriners Alhambra Temple Transportation Fund, and the TTF Scholarship Fund. Your sponsorship is 100 percent deductible for federal tax purposes as a charitable contribution through the Tennessee Trucking Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.  Thanks for your continued support! 

Check out the TTA Facebook page to see more pictures from the Knoxville,  Nashville, & Chattanooga events!