The Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) is dedicated to offering a diverse range of events each year. Our goal is to support our members’ growth through education and to strengthen industry connections.

Keep reading to explore our lineup of seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to enhance your professional experience in the trucking and transportation industry. 

Visit the TTA calendar to see all of the upcoming events for the year. 


Annual Convention:
Join us at our Annual Convention, this event is typically held in September and is a highlight for trucking professionals seeking growth and networking. It’s a perfect mix of learning, sharing, and celebrating our industry’s journey and future. Expect inspiring talks, valuable connections, and memories that will drive your career forward. Don’t miss this chance to be part of shaping the trucking industry’s next chapter!

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Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournaments:
An annual golf event raising funds for children’s charities and the TTF Scholarship Fund. A perfect blend of networking, fun, and philanthropy, supporting causes like the Nashville Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Four events are held every year in different regions of Tennessee. 
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Call on Washington:
This pivotal event includes policy briefings and opportunities for members to engage with the Tennessee Delegation in Washington D.C., playing a crucial role in shaping the trucking industry’s future. This is a great opportunity to use your voice to engage in conversation with our representatives for the trucking industry. 

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Fall Conference:
Our Fall Conference is where trucking meets tradition and innovation. It’s a cozy yet dynamic setting for making connections, exchanging smart ideas, and staying ahead of the curve. Featuring expert speakers and insightful sessions, this event promises to spark conversations and ideas that propel us all forward. Be there for the trucking insights of today and the innovations of tomorrow!

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Leading Edge:
A leadership training program providing participants with development sessions, networking, public speaking, and professional growth opportunities within the trucking industry.
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Haulin’ for the Holidays:
A seasonal event run by the Young Professionals Council that raises funds to provide toys, clothing, and much-needed supplies for underserved communities. This is a great opportunity for trucking companies to give back to the community and serve.
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The NATMI trainings are conducted at our Nashville office and are focused on essential aspects of safety and compliance in the trucking industry. 
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Roadside Scales Events:
These events are integral in ensuring compliance and safety in trucking operations and allow members and nonmembers alike to come out and learn from our state troopers at scales across the state. It’s a great hands-on opportunity to learn more about the inspection process.
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Sporting Clay Shoot:
Get ready for the Sporting Clay Shoot, a fun-filled day where camaraderie and competition meet under the open sky. Open to all levels, it’s your shot at not just showcasing your skills but also networking with fellow industry enthusiasts. With various categories to compete in and prizes to win, this event is about hitting targets and making connections. Join us for a day of outdoor excitement and industry support!

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Technician Skills Competition:
A competitive event showcasing the skills and expertise of truck technicians, highlighting the technical excellence in the industry. These competitions are held in the spring of every year and winning technicians move on to compete in the national competition as the Tennessee contestant. 
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Truck Driving Competition:
A platform for truck drivers to demonstrate their driving skills and knowledge, promoting safety and excellence in truck driving. These events are held in the spring of every year and the top drivers move on to compete in the national championships. 
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Safety & Maintenance Council:
Council meetings focused on enhancing safety and maintenance practices within the trucking industry. There are active councils across the state meeting on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. It’s a great opportunity to learn, and increase your safety & maintenance knowledge in a community of like-minded individuals. 
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Young Professionals Council Events:
Events designed for young professionals in the trucking industry, fostering leadership, networking, and professional development. The Young Professionals Council has chapters across the state and each chapter hosts their events and participates in the annual Haulin’ for the Holidays fundraiser. To learn more and to join the Young Professionals Council click the link below.
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Sponsor An Event 

TTA offers a range of sponsorship opportunities for various events, allowing businesses to contribute and engage with the trucking community. These sponsorships can include branding and promotional benefits, depending on the level of sponsorship chosen. For more detailed information on the available options and to find the right fit for your organization, you can access the complete sponsorship brochure provided by TTA.

To explore all sponsorship opportunities and to learn more about how your organization can get involved, contact Carol Foster ( or visit the TTA Sponsorship Opportunities page.