Battle of the States: Virtual Truck Driving Championships

Get ready… Our Wheels of Wisdom Competition takes off soon on July 31st! While the road to ATA’s National Truck Driving Championships may be different this year, we are still recognizing and celebrating our industry heroes – truck drivers.

The Tennessee Trucking Association will be participating in this year’s Battle of the States virtual knowledge competition on July 31, where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the state competition, compete to be named the National Battle of the States: Virtual Truck Driving Grand Champion, and win great prizes!


Our state-level trivia contest will be based on Facts for Drivers, federal and state laws, state trucking history and culture, and will lead to the National Battle of the States. To qualify for the August 14 Grand Championship, you must place in the top 10 of your state’s competition, as you would for a live NTDC.

The prizes for Wheels of Wisdom will be:
1st Place Prize awarded $1,000
2nd Place Prize awarded $750
3rd Place Prize awarded $500
The 7 runner-ups will be awarded $150 each

To participate, please fill in your 2021 registration form and send it to by 7/23/2021.

Learn more about how to qualify for each competition  and join our NTDC Facebook group for updates and practice tips.


A HUGE Thank You to Our Sponsors





We have met with our TDC & TSC committees and have been in discussion with the ATA. This year still has so many unknowns. The TDC & TSC Committee, Donna England & I, in a unanimous agreement, have decided it is in the best interest of our Members, for us to cancel the Tennessee Truck Driving Championships & Technician Skills Competition for this year. The

ATA has also cancelled the National Truck Driving Championships for 2021.

As difficult as this decision obviously is, the safety and well-being of our drivers and their families is most important to all of us. The motto of the Tennessee Trucking Association is Safely Keeping Tennessee on the Move, and, in keeping with that, we have made this decision.
Our drivers & technicians are the backbone of our country and we are so proud of the job they do every day. Technicians making sure the trucks are ready to go and our drivers delivering the essentials. We certainly recognize the hard work that all of your drivers have put in over the course of the last 12 months to keep their accident-free miles driven intact, and, we encourage them to continue these efforts so they can be eligible for our competition in 2022. Please thank your drivers & technicians for everything that they have done to keep our nation and our state adequately supplied through this pandemic.
To every member of the Tennessee Trucking Association, thank you for your efforts as well. If you have any questions, please reach out to Donna or myself. We hope that you, your employee’s and their families stay safe and healthy.
We will look forward to next years competitions!
Dave Huneryager, President & CEO
Donna England, VP of Safety & Member Services