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Tennessee’s Road Team is a state-wide highway safety program sponsored by Tennessee Trucking Foundation. The Road Team’s top goal is to create a safer driving environment and save lives on our highways by educating the drivers on how to safely share the road with large trucks.

Tennessee’s Road Team is a statewide highway safety program started with funding from Bridgestone Commercial Solutions and supported by the Tennessee Trucking Foundation with major funding from Pilot Flying J. The Road Team is composed of professional truck drivers with superior driving records and a desire to spread the word about safety on the highway. These professional drivers are nominated by their TTA Member companies and selected by a team of judges who evaluate their nomination packages. The drivers who are selected will serve a two-year term as ambassadors for our industry in Tennessee.




Front Row L to R Seated: Juan Morel – FedEx Freight, Cindy Johnson – Covenant Transport. Second Row L to R:  Michael Mosier – Old Dominion Freight Line, Kevin Davis – Ozark Motor Lines, Lamar Ball – HUB Group Trucking, Eddie Lindsey – Big G Express, John Henderson – TCW, Josh Johnson – Titan Transfer, Jamie Sowder – FedEx Freight, Matt Neary – McKee Foods Transportation, Jeff Coffey – Old Dominion Freight Line. Third Row L to R: Rick Bennett – FedEx Freight, Wayne Covely – Walmart Transportation, David Pugh – UPS Freight, Rick Tetreault – Averitt Express, John Tetreault – Averitt Express, Steve Bowar – Titan Transfer





Third Year Captains Individual:

First Row, L to R:  John Anderson – TCW, (WTN Ambassador) Vernon Brewer – UPS Freight,  (UETN Ambassador) Donna Wheeler – Old Dominion Freight Line, David Brady – Old Dominion Freight Line 

Second Row, L to R:  (MTN Ambassador) Paula Harper – FedEx Freight, Robert Moxley – Titan Transfer, (SETN Ambassador) Carl Johnson – McKee Foods Transportation, David Gooch – Sharp Transport

Third Row, L to R:  Tony Ellison – FedEx Freight, Devin Rackley – Averitt Express, (ETN Ambassador) Eddie LeSueur – Skyline Transportation, and (UETN Ambassador) Ken Wheeler – Old Dominion Freight Line


Road Team Captains

Road Team Captains stress the need for all motorists to demonstrate professionalism and courtesy on the road. They reinforce good safety habits such as always buckling safety belts, never drinking and driving, avoiding aggressive driving. They also discuss the importance of trucking in our nation’s economy and the opportunities presented by a career in transportation.

Many with more than one million miles of accident-free driving — take a few days each month to present at high schools and safety events. They can also bring the NO-ZONE tractor-trailer to the schools they visit. Students are allowed to sit in the cab and experience the size of the vehicle while learning about the truck’s blind spots, stopping distances and other limitations of large vehicles.  At larger events the Captains can bring the Oculus Rift headsets where students can experience a fully immersive, 360-degree simulation that allows players to see where they can and can’t be seen and learn how to steer clear of the “No Zones.” The simulation virtually puts them in the driver’s seat of a tractor trailer on a country road when an eager driver decides to pass, hovering in one of the many blind spots.

Contact Catherine Stuart (cstuart@tntrucking.org) to bring this free highway safety program to your school or organization!