Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) is proud to announce that it will be giving the esteemed Pinnacle Award to Mr. Dave Manning, President & CEO of the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the trucking industry. The award will be presented during the 93rd annual Tennessee Trucking Association Convention, scheduled to take place at the Hilton Sandestin Golf Resort & Spa on September 17-19th.

The Pinnacle Award is a testament to Mr. Manning’s exemplary career, which spans more than four decades and includes significant achievements in the trucking business. Starting from humble beginnings, Manning began his journey as a card-carrying Teamster working part-time on the loading dock for his uncle’s regional LTL trucking company during summers and Christmas breaks. What started as a summer job while studying to become an orthodontist turned into a lifelong passion. Mr. Manning found his place in the industry and decided to pursue trucking over dentistry.

Within the first 2 years of working, Dave faced the changes that came with deregulation during the early 80s. Despite the shifting landscape, Manning never gave up on the industry. He attributes this to his love for trucking stating, “Trucking is what interests me more than anything, it’s been a real passion for me.”

In 1985 Manning joined TCW, where he worked his way up the ranks. Beginning as Operations Manager, he wore many hats as TCW began its rapid growth, including occasional dispatcher and driver and leading the safety department, before becoming the President of TCW in 1992. During his tenure, Mr. Manning was instrumental in growing TCW from a single terminal operation to a regional firm with over 600+ employees across the southeastern United States and revenue in excess of $80 million.

In addition to his impressive contributions to TCW, Mr. Manning’s influence extended to the wider trucking community. Dave served as the 73rd Chairman of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) from 2017-18. During this time, he tirelessly advocated for trucking interests on both federal and state levels, actively engaging in government affairs efforts and representing needs to policymakers.

After retiring from TCW in 2020, Dave continues to lead the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative as its President and CEO.  This required a transition from a lifetime of being a part of the motor carrier community to being a supplier of the trucking industry.

When asked about the biggest takeaways from his career Dave said, “Transportation is a people-intensive business and fortunately I find true joy in working together with a group of people to achieve a goal.  I’ve been blessed by getting to work with numerous teams of people who are the ones responsible for any successes I’ve achieved.  I have been blessed by and am thankful for everyone in this industry who has mentored, challenged, motivated, and worked beside me.  And most importantly that includes my lovely bride, Betsy, who has always believed in me, grounded me, and supported me through the highs and lows of my career.”

Manning joins an elite group of previous TTA Pinnacle Award winners, including Governor Ned Ray McWherter (1994), Phillip B. George (1995), Forrest M. Durrett (1996), Tommy L. Wilson (1997), Kelly Wagner (1998), G. Tommy Hodges (2005), Gary Sasser (2006), Tommy Ross (2008), J.B. Baker (2009), David Dortch (2010), Bill Reed, Jr. (2011), Dale Allen (2012), Dave Huneryager (2014), and Pat Marsh (2022). 

The Tennessee Trucking Association Convention promises to be a memorable event, bringing together industry professionals, stakeholders, and esteemed guests to celebrate Mr. Manning’s exceptional career. The Pinnacle Award will be presented to Manning at TTA’s 93rd Annual Convention September 17-19. For more information or to register, visit


 About Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA)

Founded in 1930, TTA was forged out of the belief that a strong, unified industry would be essential in remaining effective and profitable in the future. Today, TTA is the driving force and the voice of the trucking industry in Tennessee. As an independent, non-profit trade association representing trucking companies and industry vendors, TTA exists to encourage the healthy growth and betterment of its more than 400 members statewide. TTA represents an important engine of Tennessee’s economy, supporting over 200,000 jobs and the safe transport of goods across the state. The Tennessee Trucking Association is an affiliate of the American Trucking Associations.

The hum of engines filled the air at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, from August 16th to 19th, as the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) 2023 unfolded. This annual event, known as the “Super Bowl of Safety,” brought together truckers from every corner of the nation, showcasing their skills, commitment to safety, and dedication to excellence. This year’s event was a beautiful display of the spirit of trucking.


History & Purpose of the NTDC

With roots dating back to 1937, the NTDC was first known as the “National Truck Rodeo”. The National Truck Driving Championships have evolved into an annual tradition within the trucking industry. The competition signifies the industry’s dedication to safety, excellence, and continuous growth. It was those first events that laid the groundwork for the 2023 National Truck Driving Championships Winners. 



A hallmark of the NTDC is the emphasis on safety. To participate, drivers must have excellent records. This requirement reflects the industry’s focus on reducing accidents and promoting safe practices among trucking professionals. Many of the 2023 National Truck Driving Championships Winners have worked for decades to become excellent at their craft. 


2023 NTDC Crowns A Champion, James “Gragg” Wilson, UPS

On Saturday, August 19, the American Trucking Association announced James Gragg Wilson, a dedicated UPS truck driver from Nevada, as the Bendix Grand Champion of the 2023 NTDC. Wilson navigated his tanker truck and claimed the number one spot out of 400+ competitors. 


This victory is a testament to his commitment to safety and dedication to trucking. Congratulations to James on your achievement and commitment to excellence. 


Team Tennesseee Takes 3rd PlacE at the NTDC 

For our Tennessee competitors, the journey to the NTDC 2023 started in April when they claimed first place at the Tennessee Truck Driving Championships.  The following individuals earned first place in their categories, earning the right to represent Tennessee and take their place among the 2023 National Truck Driving Championships Winners.

Tennessee clinched 3rd place as a team with the help of 9 drivers. 

  • Scott Lambert, FedEx Freight
  • Andy Bryant, FedEx Freight
  • Brian Turner, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
  • Barry Blanton, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.
  • Tim Blair, FedEx Freight – Tim’s attention to detail earned him the Pre-trip award.
  • Covey Thompson, Martin Brower Company
  • Jamie Sowder, FedEx Freight – Jamie secured 3rd in the Flatbed category. 
  • Mike Patterson, FedEx Freight
  • Jeff Barton, FedEx Freight


Congratulations to Team Tennessee for your hard work and achieving 3rd place in this year’s competition. 

2023 National Truck Driving Championships Winners

Within the arena of the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC), the heart of trucking excellence beats stronger than ever. We applaud all of the 2023 National Truck Driving Championships Winners and the drivers who claimed victory in their respective categories.Photo Credit: Marty Pollock, TTA

Setup for the big NTDC event with competitors from across the country. Photo Credit: Marty Pollock, TTA


Step Van:

  • 1st – Jerome De La Cruz, FedEx Express, Alaska
  • 2nd – Gregory Long, FedEx Express, Maryland
  • 3rd – Alex Lofgren, FedEx Express, Minnesota

Straight Truck:

  • 1st – David Coffel, FedEx Express, Arizona
  • 2nd – William Colantuone, FedEx Express, Massachusetts
  • 3rd – James Kohr, FedEx Express, New York


  • 1st – Barry Kraemer, XPO, Wisconsin
  • 2nd – Joseph Hicks, XPO, Rhode Island
  • 3rd – Ritch Fundell, FedEx Freight, Illinois


  • 1st – Martin McMahon, RIST Transport, New York
  • 2nd – Bruce Quaal, ABF Freight System, Minnesota
  • 3rd – Adam Heim, FedEx Freight, Idaho


  • 1st – John Greene, FedEx Freight, Connecticut
  • 2nd – James Quarles, Wal-Mart Transportation, South Carolina
  • 3rd – Michael Martin, Wal-Mart Transportation


  • 1st – Daryl Miller, The Cope Company Salt, Pennsylvania
  • 2nd – Ernest Wagers, Old Dominion Freight Line, Kentucky
  • 3rd – James Sowder, FedEx Freight, Tennessee (Tennessee’s Jamie Sowder achieved 3rd place in this category)

Tank Truck:

  • 1st – James “Gragg” Wilson, UPS, Nevada
  • 2nd – Jason Imhoff, Wal-Mart Transportation, Ohio
  • 3rd – Timothy Vogt, XPO, Georgia


  • 1st – Robert Fair, FedEx Freight, New Hampshire
  • 2nd – Jeffrey Langenhahn, XPO, Wisconsin
  • 3rd – Michael Flippin, FedEx Freight, Colorado

Sleeper Berth:

  • 1st – Roland Bolduc, FedEx Express, Connecticut
  • 2nd – Chris Moore, Wal-Mart Transportation, Georgia
  • 3rd – Tyler Rogers, FedEx Freight, Colorado

Rookie of the Year:

  • Myron Means, Old Dominion Freight Line, Flatbed, Wyoming

State Team Award:

  • 1st – Connecticut
  • 2nd – Illinois
  • 3rd – Tennessee

Pre-Trip Inspection Award:

  • Timothy Blair, FedEx Freight, 5-Axle, Tennessee

Highest Written Exam Award:

  • Michael Bills, FedEx Express, North Carolina
  • David Comings, FedEx Freight, North Dakota
  • David Mogler, FedEx Freight, Colorado
  • Michael Flippin, FedEx Freight, Colorado

Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence Award:

  • Ina Daly, XPO Logistics, Arizona

Lifetime Volunteer Award:

  • Bill Graham


the legacy of the NTDC

The National Truck Driving Championships 2023 is a wonderful showcase of the commitment to continuous growth and achievement within the trucking community.


From Team Tennessee’s third-place finish to James “Gragg” Wilson’s Bendix Grand Champion triumph, each story reflects the heart of trucking. As the sun sets on another successful NTDC, the legacy will continue, united by a love for the open road.



SUMMARY: This NPRM proposes to adopt a new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) to require automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems on heavy vehicles, i.e., vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds). This notice also proposes to amend FMVSS No. 136 to require nearly all heavy vehicles to have an electronic stability control system that meets the equipment requirements, general system operational capability requirements, and malfunction detection requirements of FMVSS No. 136. An AEB system uses multiple sensor technologies and sub-systems that work together to sense when the vehicle is in a crash imminent situation and automatically applies the vehicle brakes if the driver has not done so or automatically applies more braking force to supplement the driver’s applied braking. This NPRM follows NHTSA’s 2015 grant of a petition for rulemaking from the Truck Safety Coalition, the Center for Auto Safety, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and Road Safe America, requesting that NHTSA establish a safety standard to require AEB on certain heavy vehicles. This NPRM also responds to a mandate under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, as enacted as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, directing the Department to prescribe an FMVSS that requires heavy commercial vehicles with FMVSS-required electronic stability control systems to be equipped with an AEB system, and also promotes DOT’s January 2022 National Roadway Safety Strategy to initiate a rulemaking to require AEB on heavy trucks. This NPRM also proposes Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requiring the electronic stability control and AEB systems to be on during vehicle operation.


DATES: Comments must be received on or before September 5, 2023.


Proposed compliance dates: NHTSA proposes a two-tiered phase-in schedule for meeting the proposed standard. For vehicles currently subject to FMVSS No. 136, ‘‘Electronic stability control systems for heavy vehicles,’’ any vehicle manufactured on or after the first September 1 that is three years after the date of publication of the final rule would be required to meet the proposed heavy vehicle AEB standard. For vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds) not currently subject to FMVSS No. 136, any vehicle manufactured on or after the first September 1 that is four years after the date of publication of the final rule would be required to meet the proposed AEB requirements and the proposed amendments to the ESC requirements. Small-volume manufacturers, final-stage manufacturers, and alterers would be provided an additional year to comply with this proposal beyond the dates identified above.

FMCSA proposes that vehicles currently subject to FMVSS No. 136 would be required to comply with FMCSA’s proposed ESC regulation on the final rule’s effective date. Vehicles with a GVWR greater than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds) not currently subject to FMVSS No. 136 would be required to meet the proposed ESC regulation on or after the first September 1 that is five years after the date of publication of the final rule.

FMCSA proposes that, for vehicles currently subject to FMVSS No. 136, any vehicle manufactured on or after the first September 1 that is three years after the date of publication of the final rule would be required to meet FMCSA’s proposed AEB regulation. FMCSA proposes that vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds) not currently subject to FMVSS No. 136 and vehicles supplied to motor carriers by small-volume manufacturers, final-stage manufacturers, and alterers would be required to meet the proposed AEB regulation on or after the first September 1 that is five years after the date of publication of the final rule.

This proposed implementation timeframe simplifies FMCSR training and enforcement because the Agency expects a large number of final stage manufacturers supplying vehicles to motor carriers in the category of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 4,536 kilograms (10,000 pounds). FMCSA’s phase-in schedule would require the ESC and AEB systems to be inspected and maintained in accordance with § 396.3.

Early compliance is permitted but optional.


Here is the link to the FR Notice: [PDF]


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Stay Informed with the Latest Trucking News and Updates

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  2. Trucking info: A valuable resource for trucking professionals, providing in-depth articles, analysis, and commentary on the latest news, trends, and innovations in the trucking world. 
  3. Fleet Owner: A trusted source for news and insights on fleet management, trucking regulations, safety, and sustainability within the industry. 
  4. Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ): CCJ offers a wealth of content focusing on commercial trucking, with articles covering business strategies, driver issues, and equipment reviews. 
  5. Overdrive: Targeting owner-operators and independent drivers, Overdrive provides trucking news, lifestyle features, and helpful tips for those on the road. 
  6. American Trucker: A comprehensive source for trucking news, equipment updates, and industry insights catering to trucking executives and professionals. 
  7. The Trucker: Providing news and perspectives from the trucking industry, The Trucker keeps readers informed on policy changes, safety updates, and industry trends. 

Stay Updated On Trucking News 


Staying updated with reliable trucking news sources is crucial for understanding the ever-changing trucking industry The platforms listed above offer a diverse range of information, catering to trucking executives, professionals, and enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for regulatory updates, technological advancements, or market insights, these sources have you covered.


How Do You Learn?

So, bookmark these sites and tune into the podcasts to ensure you stay Informed with the latest trucking news and updates. What resources do you use to stay updated on the trucking industry? 


Tennessee Trucking Foundation

June 2023 Road Team Calendar & May photo recap


The Tennessee Road Teams Captains calendar was full of exciting events from the second half of May.

Keep reading to view the  June 2023 Road Team calendar and photos from events held throughout May 2023. 


June 2023 Calendar

Jun 3 SOS Fest Chattanooga FD / Teens & Trucks and Yellow Dot in Chattanooga, TN
Jun 7 Junior 4-H Camp in Greeneville, TN
Jun 12-16 TNSRO Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN
Jun 14 TN Teen Institute at UT Martin
Jun 14 North Chattanooga Center Teens & Trucks in Chattanooga, TN
Jun 14

Chris Ramsey Center Teens & Trucks in Chattanooga, TN

June 16 Girls, Inc. Center


Jun 17 American Truck Historical Society Truck Show

Jun 20 

Roane County Senior Center

Jun 20

John A Patten Center 
Jun 20 Avondale
Jun 21 Chris Ramsey Center
Jun 22 Montgomery Co Teen Driver Safety Awareness
June 23 Rule the Road
Jun 26 Chris Ramsey Center
Jun 29 South Chattanooga Center
July 5 City of Chattanooga Community Development/The Centenary






Invite a Road Team Captain to your event!

Contact Ashlee Taylor ( to bring this free highway safety program to your school or organization!



Road Team Captain May 2023 Recap 


May 4th | ETN Big Rigs Golf Tournament: The road teams participated in the ETN Big Rigs Golf Tournament on May 4th, which was held to raise funds for children’s charities and the foundation scholarship fund. Click for more photos


May 4th – 6th | Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show: The road teams attended the Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show, which featured various truck models, live music performances, and food vendors. Click for more photos.


May 8th | Warren County High School: The road teams visited Chapel Hill Elementary and Warren County High School, where they interacted with students, gave presentations on road safety, and distributed educational materials. Click for more photos.


May 10th | Careers on Wheels: The road teams participated in the Careers on Wheels event held at the Middle Tennessee State University campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, aimed at promoting careers in the trucking industry. Click for more photos.


May 10th | MTN Golf Tournament: The road teams attended the MTN Golf Tournament on May 10th to help with the event. Click for more photos.


May 10th | Bartlett Freshman Academy: The road teams visited Bartlett Freshman Academy to share road safety with the students. Click for more photos. 


May 13th | Veterans Memorial Park Block Party: The road teams attended the Veterans Memorial Park Block Party. Click for more photos. 


May 17th|Oakridge Senior Center Carfit: Road team captains helped Seniors improve their driving experience by fitting them properly into their vehicles at this event. Click for more photos.


May 17th|Eastgate Community Center Senior Service Fair  Click for more photos.



May 18th | Academy of Aviation & Transportation Spring Wing Fling  Click for more photos.


May 19th | Remake Learning Days Click for more photos.


May 26th | Safety Breaks Click for more photos.

May 31st | Knoxville Scales Roadside Event:  Click for more photos.


On May 26, 2023, the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) and Foundation (TTF) hosted their annual “Safety Break” event, an initiative aimed at promoting highway safety and raising awareness about safe driving practices. The event brought members of the TTA Road Team, TTA Safety Management Council, and the Department of Safety to share resources and education with travelers during the Memorial Day weekend. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this successful event.

Each location featured a tractor-trailer on display to help travelers see the four blind spots around large vehicles where accidents are more likely to occur. Attendees were able to climb inside the trucks and experience the blind spots firsthand, which served as a powerful demonstration of the importance of being cautious around these vehicles.

Throughout the event, Road Team Captains shared safe driving practices. These discussions also shed light on the risks associated with impaired driving, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as the dangers of drowsy driving and distracted driving, including texting or using cell phones. And it wouldn’t be an event with the Road Team Captains without the use of Fatal Vision Goggles. Many participants “walked the line” while wearing goggles that simulated various levels of intoxication

In addition to the educational aspects, free refreshments were offered to visitors, creating an opportunity for casual conversations about highway safety and promoting positive interactions between the trucking industry and the public. We want to thank McKee Foods for providing a variety of Little Debbies snacks and thank all the members who provided refreshments for all of the visitors on Friday.

Thank you again to everyone who made this year’s Safety Breaks a success. Through interactive experiences, educational discussions, and community engagement, you’ve helped to continue to promote highway safety across Tennessee. We can’t wait to see everybody out again next year! 


Click to view more photos.

We are excited to announce that the Tennessee Trucking Foundation is a 2023 recipient of both the FedEx Freight Charitable Giving Program and the Predators Foundation Helper Grant. These funds will allow us to continue our mission to advance highway safety and save lives on Tennessee’s roadways through education and information, as well as, through our Road Team events. Our 32 Road Team Captains are professional truck drivers who take the message of highway safety all across Tennessee. The goal of Tennessee’s Road Team is to create a safe driving environment and save lives on our highways by educating motorists, especially new teen drivers, on how to safely share the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles.


We would like to extend our immense gratitude to FedEx Freight and the Nashville Predators for this opportunity to continue our dedicated work of saving lives in Tennessee!



Ashlee Taylor, Tennessee Trucking Foundation Coordinator

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is currently working with a variety of project partners to request funding to develop up to 10 publicly accessible medium- and heavy-duty electric truck charging sites along multiple, federally-designated alternative fuel corridors in Tennessee (I-40, I-24, and I-75).

As part of our proposal, they are hoping to demonstrate interest from fleets that could utilize this charging infrastructure, should it be funded.  

  • Please find a template of letters of support and commitment for your fleet to sign to support this proposal. All letters be submitted to us by COB on May 23

Overview | CFI_Corridor Fleet Letter of Commitment Template  |CFI_Corridor Fleet Letter of Support Template


What is the CFI Program?

The Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant (CFI) Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is a new competitive grant program that seeks to strategically deploy publicly accessible electric vehicle charging and alternative fueling infrastructure near people’s homes, places of work, and along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs). The CFI program builds upon the FHWA Alternative Fuel Coordinator program and aims to complement the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program. 


For questions and to submit letters of support please contact: 

Alexa Voytek | Deputy Director Programs, Innovation & Transportation, Communications

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Office of Energy Programs Coalition Director – Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition

Nashville, TN

  1. 615-613-1096

The Tennessee Trucking Foundation’s Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Classics have become a highly anticipated annual event. With four events taking place throughout the year, the most recent two were held on May 4th in East Tennessee and May 10th in Middle Tennessee at the Hermitage Golf Course.

These events provide a fun opportunity for participants to enjoy a round of golf while raising funds for children’s charities and scholarships. Since the program’s inception in 1989, the Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Classics have raised over $2.3 million for children’s charities in Tennessee and the TTF Scholarship Fund.

The success of these events is due to the hard work of the amazing sponsors and participants. The proceeds from these events go to support important charities, including the Nashville Ronald McDonald House, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Shriners Alhambra Temple Transportation Fund, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the TTF Scholarship Fund.

If you missed the first two events, don’t worry! There are still two more events planned for the year. The next Big Rigs for Little Kids event will be held on August 14th in West Tennessee. Make sure to mark your calendars and join in on the fun while supporting a great cause.

We can’t wait to see you all at the next Big Rigs event for another day of fun and fundraising.


Thank you to our Sponsors




The Tennessee Trucking Foundation Road Team has been having a fantastic year in 2023, representing the trucking industry with pride and professionalism at a variety of events. From the Future Farmers of America Convention to Touch-A-Truck, Battle Creek Middle School, and Chapel Hill Car Fit, the team has been making their presence felt across the state. 

Through it all, the Road Team Captains have demonstrated their expertise and commitment to safety, sharing their experiences with the public and emphasizing the importance of following the rules of the road and always wearing a seatbelt. If you’re interested in seeing the Road Team in action, be sure to check out the calendar below to stay up-to-date on upcoming events. The Tennessee Trucking Foundation is doing important work in promoting the trucking industry and safe drivers for our community, and we’re grateful for all of the hard work that the Road Team is doing to make that happen.



May 2023 | Tennessee Trucking Foundation Road Team Calendar 

  May 4 ETN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournament, Egwani Farms Golf Course
  May 4-6 Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show, Kodak TN
  May 5 Chapel Hill Elementary Touch A Truck, Chapel Hill, TN
  May 5 Greeneville Roadside, Greeneville, TN
  May 8-9 Warren County High School Teens & Trucks Event, McMinnville, TN
  May 8 National Tourism Week, Kingsport Welcome Center
  May 10 Careers on Wheels, Clinton, TN
  May 10 MTN Big Rigs Golf Tournament, Old Hickory, TN
  May 10-11

Bartlett Freshman Academy Teens & Trucks event, Bartlett, TN

  May 12 CarFit Coordinator Training, TTA Office
  May 13 Veteran’s Memorial Park Block Party, LaVergne, TN
  May 17 Oakridge Senior Center CarFit & Yellow Dot, Oak Ridge, TN
  May 17 Eastgate Community Center Senior Service Fair Yellow Dot, Chattanooga, TN
  May 18 Academy of Aviation & Transportation Spring Wing Fling, McGavock, TN
  May 19 Remake Learning Days Teens & Trucks event, TCAT Knoxville
  May 19 Brownsville Roadside, Brownsville Scales
  May 20

Fairfield Glade Police Department Motorcycle Safety Awareness Teens & Trucks and Yellow Dot event, Fairfield Glade, TN

  May 20

Jackson Madison County Health and Safety Fair, Teens & Trucks and CarFit, Jackson, TN

  May 26 Safety Breaks
  May 31 Knoxville Roadside, Knoxville Scales

On April 29th, 2023, at the Tennessee Truck Drivers Competition Banquet, Bobby Rue was awarded the Tennessee Trucking Association & Foundation Driver of the Year award. Bobby was recognized for his safe driving and dedication to the industry. This award was given not based on any one act but as a lifetime achievement for his outstanding work.

Each year, the Tennessee Trucking Association opens nominations for its Annual Driver of the Year Competition to be recognized at the Truck Driving Championship Awards banquet. Companies are encouraged to nominate the driver in their company most deserving of this recognition and this year’s driver is no exception.

Bobby has been driving a commercial motor vehicle for 23 years and has driven over 3,000,000 miles. He is an Over the Road Driver and has never had a preventable accident. He has never received a violation or citation and demonstrates complete professionalism at work and at home.

Before entering the trucking industry, Bobby spent 21 years as an EMT/Firefighter with the Philadelphia Volunteer Fire Department. After retiring from his firefighting career in 1999, Bobby enrolled in truck driver training school and began his career at Ozark Motor Lines, where he has been ever since.


Bobby is best known for his willingness to help others. He is a certified Smith System Instructor, a Truckers Against Trafficking trained Driver and a Road Team Captain for the Tennessee Trucking Foundation’s Road Team. He performs community outreach by sharing safe driving habits and sets an excellent example for his fellow drivers.

When Bobby is not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys fishing, studying American History, and searching for buried treasure with his metal detector. Bobby currently resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and is a true asset to the trucking industry.

The Tennessee Trucking Association and Foundation’s Driver of the Year award is a significant accomplishment, and we are thrilled to congratulate Bobby Rue on receiving this honor. His dedication to safety and his commitment to helping others make him an exemplary representative of the trucking industry. We’re proud to have Bobby Rue as the TTA 2023 Truck Driver of the Year.  

We are excited to share a recent blog post by one of our members, Chris Woody, Director of Safety for M&W Transportation Co. Chris is a thought leader in the trucking industry, and he recently shared his expertise in a blog post for

The blog post, titled “6 Steps to a Safer Trucking Fleet,” outlines the importance of safety in the trucking industry and provides practical tips for fleet managers to improve safety in their fleets. Chris covers what it takes to have the right mindset to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety outcomes.

As a member of the Tennessee Trucking Association, Chris embodies our commitment to safety and excellence in the industry. We are proud to have him as a member and grateful that he has shared his knowledge and expertise with the wider trucking community through his blog post.

We encourage all of our readers to check out Chris’s blog post to learn from his insights and experience. By working together and sharing our knowledge, we can continue to improve safety in the trucking industry and make our roads safer for everyone.