On April 29th, 2023, at the Tennessee Truck Drivers Competition Banquet, Bobby Rue was awarded the Tennessee Trucking Association & Foundation Driver of the Year award. Bobby was recognized for his safe driving and dedication to the industry. This award was given not based on any one act but as a lifetime achievement for his outstanding work.

Each year, the Tennessee Trucking Association opens nominations for its Annual Driver of the Year Competition to be recognized at the Truck Driving Championship Awards banquet. Companies are encouraged to nominate the driver in their company most deserving of this recognition and this year’s driver is no exception.

Bobby has been driving a commercial motor vehicle for 23 years and has driven over 3,000,000 miles. He is an Over the Road Driver and has never had a preventable accident. He has never received a violation or citation and demonstrates complete professionalism at work and at home.

Before entering the trucking industry, Bobby spent 21 years as an EMT/Firefighter with the Philadelphia Volunteer Fire Department. After retiring from his firefighting career in 1999, Bobby enrolled in truck driver training school and began his career at Ozark Motor Lines, where he has been ever since.


Bobby is best known for his willingness to help others. He is a certified Smith System Instructor, a Truckers Against Trafficking trained Driver and a Road Team Captain for the Tennessee Trucking Foundation’s Road Team. He performs community outreach by sharing safe driving habits and sets an excellent example for his fellow drivers.

When Bobby is not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys fishing, studying American History, and searching for buried treasure with his metal detector. Bobby currently resides in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and is a true asset to the trucking industry.

The Tennessee Trucking Association and Foundation’s Driver of the Year award is a significant accomplishment, and we are thrilled to congratulate Bobby Rue on receiving this honor. His dedication to safety and his commitment to helping others make him an exemplary representative of the trucking industry. We’re proud to have Bobby Rue as the TTA 2023 Truck Driver of the Year.  

We are excited to share a recent blog post by one of our members, Chris Woody, Director of Safety for M&W Transportation Co. Chris is a thought leader in the trucking industry, and he recently shared his expertise in a blog post for Truckinginfo.com.

The blog post, titled “6 Steps to a Safer Trucking Fleet,” outlines the importance of safety in the trucking industry and provides practical tips for fleet managers to improve safety in their fleets. Chris covers what it takes to have the right mindset to help reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety outcomes.

As a member of the Tennessee Trucking Association, Chris embodies our commitment to safety and excellence in the industry. We are proud to have him as a member and grateful that he has shared his knowledge and expertise with the wider trucking community through his blog post.

We encourage all of our readers to check out Chris’s blog post to learn from his insights and experience. By working together and sharing our knowledge, we can continue to improve safety in the trucking industry and make our roads safer for everyone.

Tennessee Work Zone Awareness

Tennessee Trucking Association

 We All Play a Role in Work Zone Safety. Join with the Trucking Industry to Keep our Roads Safe.

Spring weather means another season is also in full swing: construction season. Tennessee drivers will see more orange signs on our roadways this time of year as highway workers help repair, maintain, and upgrade our critical infrastructure. As we share the roadways this spring – drivers and workers – the trucking industry is helping to remind motorists that we all play a role in work zone safety.

Motor vehicle crashes in work zones are the leading cause of work-related deaths in America. According to the most recent data available from workzonesafety.org, there were 857 deaths, which included 117 workers, as a result of 774 fatal work zone crashes in 2020.

National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 17-21, is an annual campaign to raise awareness of and encourage safe driving while motorists travel though roadway construction sites.

Construction zones and the resulting delays in traffic and added time onto travel can be frustrating for drivers, but routine road work is critical for our communities; it ensures our infrastructure is safe for individuals and families who are traveling our local roadways, and for America’s truck drivers who are delivering the goods our communities rely on.

For those drivers who come across a work zone these warmer months, orange road signs are a sign to slow down. By slowing down, minimizing distractions, and keeping a safe following distance, senseless motor vehicle deaths in work zones can be prevented.

For America’s 3.49 million professional truck drivers, safety always comes first. Truck drivers recognize the responsibility they have while sharing the road with the individuals and families driving alongside them, as well as to their own families back at home, and know they are part of the solution to safer roads.

For America's 3.49 millioni professional truck drivers, safety always comes first.

As the trucking industry delivers all the essential goods our nation’s families and businesses rely on, safety is what ensures that our nation’s goods are delivered on-time so that our communities are well supplied. That is why the trucking industry makes significant investments in safety. At least $10 billion is invested each year into safety programs and training for trucks. Trucking companies also empower truck drivers with the skills and training they need to operate their vehicle safely.


While sharing the road during these warmer months, we must all remember we all play a role in keeping our roads safe – whether you are behind the wheel of a car or a truck. Driving safely, especially through work zones, is a responsibility we all share to our fellow Americans on the road. Join with the Tennessee trucking industry and help keep our roadways safer for all drivers this spring.

The Memphis PD is having issues with CMV trucks going through the city because of GPS navigation issues.  

The majority of the CMV trucks are going north on I-55 near the river, but the GPS often says to keep going straight and not stay on I-55 and head West over the river.  However, going straight means running straight into the construction (in red) on Riverside Drive. Memphis PD has seen many CMV trucks driving through the city because they are lost and trying to turn around. See the photo attached. 

The best route to take is I-240 North (physical signs say I-240, but Google Maps shows the updated I-69).  This Riverside Drive closure will be well into 2024, so it will be long-term.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Memphis PD or Tennessee Trucking Association if you have any questions, or need further information.  





NASHVILLE, TN – Tennessee Trucking Foundation & Association is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) for “Slow Down Tennessee.” During April 14 – 28, Tennessee Trucking Association will increase education, awareness, and enforcement efforts to help reduce speeding-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities statewide.


According to Tennessee’s Integrated Traffic Analysis Network (TITAN), there were nearly 23,000 speeding-related crashes in Tennessee from 2017 to 2019. 36% of those crashes involved drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 years old.


Tennessee Trucking Foundation’s Road Team Captains plan to share the dangers of speeding and the importance of road safety and education throughout the community at various events, schools, and conferences. The Tennessee Trucking Association will share these initiatives and information on the “Slow Down Tennessee” program online.


The State of Tennessee requires motorists to always exercise due care and maintain a safe speed while driving. Speed limits may vary depending on the county and road conditions; therefore, drivers must always pay attention and adhere to posted speed limits to ensure the safety of all roadway users.

For more information about speeding, visit www.tntrafficsafety.org/speeding.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Truck drivers and other employees of Averitt Express recently set a new standard for their largest donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as they raised $1,200,001 in 2022.


The contribution was recently presented to St. Jude, and it marked the fourth consecutive year Averitt has given at least $1 million. It’s also the eighth consecutive year Averitt employees have either matched or broken their fundraising record. As has become the tradition for the last several years, the extra $1 represents what Averitt calls “The Power of One,” showing the difference every person can make.


The milestone was made possible by contributions from Averitt employees and retirees participating in Averitt Cares for Kids, the company’s charitable employee-giving program. More than 94% of Averitt associates are members of Averitt Cares for Kids, giving $1 per week to help St. Jude and other important causes. The donation was also bolstered by a company contribution of $750,000 in honor of associates’ accomplishments, life events and participation in community service projects.


“I’m humbled by the way our associates come together to support the good works of St. Jude,” said Gary Sasser, Averitt’s chairman and chief executive officer. “For more than 50 years, we’ve been committed to helping others, and I’m even more excited about how we can help the children of St. Jude in the future through Averitt Cares for Kids.”


Averitt Cares for Kids began in 1987 and has contributed more than $14 million to numerous charities, including over $11 million to St. Jude. Since 1990, Averitt Cares for Kids contributions have been designated to St. Jude as part of their special partnership. And in 1997, Averitt Cares for Kids completed a $1.5 million endowment to help fund the initial construction of the St. Jude Leukemia and Lymphoma Clinic – 80% of all St. Jude patients visit the clinic at some point during their treatment.


For more information about Averitt Cares for Kids, its special relationship with St. Jude and other ways Averitt associates give back, visit Averitt.com/AverittCares.


About Averitt Express

Serving shippers for over 50 years, Averitt is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management solutions with an international reach to 100+ countries. Averitt’s LTL, Truckload, Dedicated, Distribution & Fulfillment, and Integrated services provide shippers access to a wide array of services and customized solutions that cover every link in the supply chain. Together, these services and technology offerings provide “The Power of One” to shippers, allowing them access to multiple transportation solutions from a single provider. Averitt’s 9,000+ associates are dedicated to delivering the most reliable services within the industry, and to promoting a company culture that is centered around people, communities and giving back. For more information, call 1-800-AVERITT (283-7488) or visit Averitt.com.

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Query Notifications


The Clearinghouse will now notify employers if there is a change to a driver’s Clearinghouserecord up to 12 months following a driver query. 

Previously, after conducting a pre-employment query, an employer received a notification from the Clearinghouse if there was a change to that driver’s Clearinghouse record within 30 days. FMCSA has expanded employer notifications, as explained below. 

As of March 8, 2023, an employer will be notified via email when a driver they have queried has new information recorded in their Clearinghouse record within 12 months of a pre-employment or annual query. The Query History will also be updated to reflect when new information is available, as illustrated in the screenshot below. 


Example of a notification of new information in a driver’s record on the Query History page.

Follow-on query is needed to view new driver information.

Note that new information in a Clearinghouse record may include changes such as an update in return-to-duty status, a removed violation, or a new violation. A full follow-on query is needed to determine if the new information results in the driver having a “Prohibited” Clearinghouse status.

The employer should complete a full follow-on query, which requires the driver’s specific consent, within 24 hours to determine if the new information prohibits the driver from performing safety-sensitive functions, such as operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

If the employer uses the “Send Consent Request” prompt on the Query History screen, they will not be charged for the follow-on query. The follow-on query will also satisfy the employer’s annual query requirement, and employers will receive notifications of changes to the driver’s record within 12 months of a follow-on query.

For more details, see these new and updated frequently asked questions which are on the Clearinghouse website:

How is an employer notified of changes to a driver’s Clearinghouse record?

What actions should an employer take if notified of a change to a driver’s Clearinghouse record?

Which Clearinghouse users are notified when there is a change to a driver’s Clearinghouse record?

What is the annual requirement for employee queries and how is it tracked?


Are you up to date on your annual queries?

Log in to the Clearinghouse and visit your Query History page to see if your annual queries are due. For instructions on conducting annual queries, download the How to Conduct a Limited Query job aid. LOG IN TO THE CLEARINGHOUSE.






February 15, 2023

Contact: Jeffrey Short

(770) 432-0628 ext. 2



ATRI Launches New Survey to Understand Impacts of Marijuana Legalization


Washington, D.C. – The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) today launched a survey seeking motor carrier input on the impact of marijuana legalization on the trucking industry’s workforce. This research was identified as a top priority in 2022 by ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee and will expand on ATRI’s 2019 study on the impacts of marijuana legalization on roadway safety.


Motor carrier staff and executives familiar with driver recruitment, retention and drug testing practices and trends are asked to share their input through the online survey. This timely research will provide insight into the specific challenges motor carriers face as the use of recreational marijuana grows in the U.S. The findings should also provide insight into approaches the industry can take to address these challenges.


“States are moving quickly to legalize recreational marijuana use,” said Fred Fakkema, Vice President of Safety and Compliance at Zonar Systems and Chairman of the American Trucking Associations’ Law Enforcement Advisory Board. “This rapid change directly impacts fleets and their workforce; ATRI’s research will help quantify those impacts.”


ATRI’s confidential survey is available online here and will remain open through March 17, 2023.


ATRI is the trucking industry’s 501c3 not-for-profit research organization. It is engaged in critical research relating to freight transportation’s essential role in maintaining a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.




Atlanta, GA • Minneapolis, MN • Washington, DC • Sacramento, CA





Wednesday, February 8, 2023

7:00 a.m. ET

Contact: Rebecca Brewster (404) 247-8787


February 8, 2023



Washington, DC – The American Transportation Research Institute today released its 12th annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America, and the state of Tennessee placed seven locations on the list, including one in the top 10.


“The trucking industry is a vital part of Tennessee’s economy, delivering the goods we need in our everyday lives, from food to fuel to clothing,” said Tennessee Trucking Association President and CEO Donna England.  “But when congestion brings those trucks to a standstill, we all pay the price.  ATRI’s bottleneck analysis provides a roadmap for infrastructure investment to address the most critical chokepoints and improve mobility for people and freight.”


The 2023 Top Truck Bottleneck List measures the level of truck-involved congestion at over 300 locations on the national highway system.  The analysis, based on an extensive database of freight truck GPS data, uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations to produce a congestion impact ranking for each location.  ATRI’s truck GPS data is also used to support numerous U.S. DOT freight mobility initiatives.  The bottleneck locations detailed in this latest ATRI list represent the top 100 congested locations, although ATRI continuously monitors more than 300 freight-critical locations.


The seven Tennessee bottlenecks are:

  • 9 Nashville: I-24/I-40 at I-440 (East)
  • 37 Nashville: I-40 at I-65 (East)
  • 39 Chattanooga: I-24 at US 27
  • 51 Nashville: I-65 at I-24
  • 59 Chattanooga: I-75 at I-24
  • 63 Knoxville: I-40/I-75 at I-140
  • 72 Knoxville: I-40 at I-275


“The past year-plus has shone a spotlight on our supply chains, and how congestion and other pressures can hurt the American economy and consumers,” said American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear. “ATRI’s bottleneck report highlights the areas of our transportation network in need of investment so we can get goods and people moving. The cost of doing nothing is felt in needless delays, wasted fuel and time.”


For access to the full report, including detailed information on each of the 100 top congested locations, please visit ATRI’s website at TruckingResearch.org.  ATRI is also providing animations created with truck GPS data for select bottleneck locations, all available on the website.


ATRI is the trucking industry’s 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research organization. It is engaged in critical research relating to freight transportation’s essential role in maintaining a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.

15th anniversary edition of the program will see 30 fleets honored at the TCA Convention in Orlando


ALEXANDRIA, Virginia and NEWMARKET, Ontario:


Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) and CarriersEdge today unveiled the 2023 Best Fleets to Drive For®. The Top 20 winners are comprised of for-hire trucking companies from across North America that are being recognized for providing exemplary work environments for their professional truck drivers and employees.


To be considered for the Best Fleets program, for-hire companies operating 10 or more tractor trailers had to receive a nomination from one of their company drivers or owner-operators. The fleets were then evaluated using a scoring matrix covering a variety of categories, including total compensation, health benefits, performance management, professional development, and career path/advancement opportunities, among other criteria. Driver surveys were also conducted to collect input from drivers and independent contractors working with the fleets.


Last year, TCA and CarriersEdge expanded the program by adding a Hall of Fame category. This recognition level is above the regular Top 20 and honors fleets demonstrating Top 20 performance for extended periods of time. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, fleets must be named as a Best Fleet for 10 consecutive years, or 7 years with at least one overall award, and must continue to qualify as a Top 20 to be eligible. While the fleets inducted last year have maintained their exemplary status, two additional fleets have earned the honor this year and will be inducted into the Best Fleets to Drive For Hall of Fame, sponsored by EpicVue.


“This year we saw 165 fleets nominated by their drivers for this program and a record-breaking 95 finalists,” said CarriersEdge Chief Executive Officer Jane Jazrawy. “This year’s Top 20 and Hall of Fame fleets rose to the top with a range of inventive and effective programs, that reflect true innovation and creative thinking.”


“The Best Fleets to Drive For has made a substantial impact on drivers and the carriers they work for,” shared TCA President Jim Ward. “During Truckload 2023: Orlando, we’re eager to recognize 30 fleets who are focused on providing a great workplace for their professional truck drivers. Be sure to attend this year’s awards presentation in March where we honor these Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For.

Congratulations to this year’s Top 20 winners:

  • American Central Transport – Kansas City, MO
  • C.A.T. Inc. – Coteau-du-Lac, QC
  • Challenger Motor Freight Inc. – Cambridge, ON
  • Chief Carriers, Inc. – Grand Island, NE
  • Continental Express, Inc. – Sidney, OH
  • Decker Truck Line, Inc. – Fort Dodge, IA
  • Erb Transport – New Hamburg, ON
  • Fortigo Freight Services Inc. – Etobicoke, ON
  • Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc. – Fremont, NE
  • Jetco Delivery a GTI Company – Houston, TX
  • K & J Trucking, Inc. – Sioux Falls, SD
  • Kriska Holdings Limited – Prescott, ON
  • Leonard’s Express – Farmington, NY
  • Nick Strimbu, Inc. – Brookfield, OH
  • PGT Trucking, Inc. – Aliquippa, PA
  • Thomas E. Keller Trucking Inc. – Defiance, OH
  • TLD Logistics Services, Inc. – Knoxville, TN
  • Transland – Strafford, MO
  • Veriha Trucking, Inc. – Marinette, WI
  • Wellington Group of Companies – Aberfoyle, ON



Returning Hall of Fame recipients are as follows:

  • Bison Transport Inc. – Winnipeg, MB
  • Boyle Transportation – Billerica, MA
  • Central Oregon Truck Company, Inc. – Redmond, OR
  • FTC Transportation, Inc. – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Grand Island Express – Grand Island, NE
  • Halvor Lines, Inc. – Superior, WI
  • Nussbaum Transportation Services, Inc. – Hudson, IL
  • Prime Inc. – Springfield, MO

New Hall of Fame recipients are as follows:

  • Garner Trucking, Inc. – Findlay, OH
  • TransPro Freight Systems Limited – Milton, ON


In addition to the Top 20, TCA and CarriersEdge identified five Fleets to Watch (honorable mentions):

  • Crete Carrier Corporations and its Shaffer Trucking Division – Lincoln, NE
  • Mill Creek Motor Freight LTD – Ayr, ON
  • Skelton Truck Lines – Sharon, ON
  • Steve’s Livestock Transport – Blumenort, MB
  • USXL – Foristell, MO

Two overall winners, in large and small fleet categories, will be named during TCA’s Annual Convention — Truckload 2023: Orlando — set for March 4-7 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Centre, Kissimmee, FL. The overall winner awards are sponsored by Eleos Technologies and TruckRight.


To learn more about the Hall of Fame category, the nomination process, or additional information on the Best Fleets to Drive For program, visit www.bestfleetstodrivefor.com. Be sure to follow the hashtag #BestFleets23 on social media to follow this year’s contest.


About Best Fleets to Drive For

Launched in 2008, Best Fleets to Drive For® is the only annual program dedicated to uncovering the best workplaces in the North American trucking industry. Produced by CarriersEdge, in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association, Best Fleets to Drive For recognizes the for-hire fleets providing exceptional workplace experiences for their company drivers and independent contractors.


About CarriersEdge

CarriersEdge is a leading provider of online driver training for the trucking industry. With a comprehensive library of safety and compliance courses, supported by advanced management and reporting functions, CarriersEdge helps over two thousand fleets train their drivers without sacrificing miles or requiring people to come in on weekends.

About Truckload Carriers Association

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, TCA is the only trade association whose sole focus is the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. The association represents dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal container carriers operating throughout North America. Founded in 1938, the TCA represents operators of over 220,000 trucks, which collectively produce revenue of more than $40 billion in annual truckload revenue. www.truckload.org



We’ve concluded the first Annual Haulin’ for the Holidays Toy Drive!

We are thankful for all the folks who helped make this event a success. Across the state, we’ve tallied SEVERAL THOUSAND TOYS collected for our partner organizations. HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone.

Haulin’ for the Holidays is a state-wide Toy Drive by the Tennessee Trucking Association and its Young Professional Council in partnership with TTA members and local charities to make holidays brighter for Tennessee children, teens and families.  We’re thrilled to be partnering with a wide range of organizations to make a real difference for this holiday season.

Toy Collection Start Date: October 28, 2019
Toy Collection End Date: December 6, 2019
Distribution of Toys: Week of December 9, 2019

A Special Thanks to those that Organized the Toy Drive 

  • Troy Dickens, Rush Truck Center Nashville, TN
  • Patrick Mendenhall, Cumberland International Trucks, Inc.
  • Holly Czuba, Cumberland International Trucks, Inc.
  • Jessie Merritt, Capacity Southeast Agency



A Special Thanks to: MHC Kenworth & Milan Supply Chain Solutions 


Hands Up Jackson
Hands Up Jackson is a preschool serving low income 2.5 – 5 year olds. The toys and supplies will be used for the school and classrooms.


A Special Thanks to: The Peterbilt Store – Knoxville & Skyline Transportation


Marines Toys for Tots

Below are some pictures from collection and drop-off in Knoxville! Craig Kendall with The Pete Store shared this on Saturday, December 7, 2019:

Happy Saturday!

We had a great event today at The Pete Store Knoxville with 40+ tow trucks caravanning to us and donating toys for the Tennessee Trucking Association Young Professionals Council Haulin’ For The Holidays and Toys For Tots. Several thousand toys were donated.

Josh Ray, Pete Store Knoxville & TTA Young Professionals Council and Josh from Dan’s Towing did a great job organizing the event. Several Pete Store people and local companies helped:

  • Dan’s Towing
  • Skyline Transportation furnished a new trailer & donated toys
  • Chestnut Street/Cedar Bluff Towing
  • Clinton Highway Towing
  • Thermo King of Knoxville
  • Donna England from TTA joined us
  • Total Transportation
  • Miller-Motte Technical College
  • Cummins of Knoxville
  • Pate Summers GM
  • Josh Ray’s wife, son and his friend
  • Alicia Bowling solicited donations
  • Rodger Pitts, Service Mgr
  • Rob Stone
  • Raquel Shackleford from Pete Store Marketing made up a killer flyer

There are many others who helped

Thanks everyone, you guys rock


A Special Thanks to: Rush Truck Center and Ozark Motor Lines


FedExFamilyHouse Santa’s Village
Shopping Venue for parents with a child being treated at LeBonheur children’s hospital and staying at FedExFamilyHouse the week before Christmas.


A Special Thanks to: Rush Truck Centers, MHC Kenworth, Neely Coble, Cumberland International Trucks, Inc. Western Express, & TCW


Youth Encouragement Services Teens
YES operates two youth centers that offer educational and recreational programs as alternatives for kids 6-18 during after school hours and summer break. The YES Christmas Store will provide over 600 underprivileged children with new clothes and toys.

Community Care Fellowship
Community Care Fellowship serves Nashville’s homeless and underserved populations by providing a daytime haven of safety, acceptance, and love. Through the compassion of Christ, we meet basic needs — like meals, laundry, and showers — while also offering individualized counseling and support, and fellowship to empower our community and break the cycle of poverty.

Collecting & Assembling!

YES Christmas House

CCF Toy Delivery