Nestled in the scenic surroundings of Collegedale, TN, McKee Foods opened its doors to a group of passionate professionals all united by one mission – enhancing road safety. The stunning facility served as more than just a meeting place; it became a crucible where ideas and experiences melded together to forge new paths for safety in trucking.

From the get-go, the day’s agenda promised a blend of expertise and innovation​​:

Crash Update and Impact on Supply Chain: A critical look at how large truck crashes affect the local supply chain, with insights on prevention strategies.

Freight and Parking Projects: Updates on freight logistics and the latest on truck parking projects in Tennessee, shedding light on the ripple effects across neighboring states.

Port Logistics Update: A deep dive into the operations of the Georgia Ports Authority and how they influence Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Thrive Regional Infrastructure Portal: A live demonstration of a new geospatial data portal that’s set to revolutionize transportation stakeholders’ operations in Freight Alley.

Each session was a stepping stone towards a clearer understanding of the current safety landscape and what the future holds for the industry.

The speakers’ list was nothing short of impressive, featuring voices like Stephanie Mann from FMCSA-TN, Captain Allen England from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and Wesley Barrell from the Georgia Ports Authority. They, along with many others, didn’t just speak; they engaged, challenged, and inspired every attendee to think differently about safety.

The event wasn’t all talk. The interactive Kahoot quiz on what was learned, and the feedback session where everyone shared their take on improving future events, ensured that this was a day of active participation. It was clear – this coalition was ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. And what’s a meeting without a little treat? Participants not only left with new insights and connections but also with boxes of Little Debbies snack cakes thanks to McKee, a sweet end to a productive day.

For those wondering who should attend future meetings, how to get involved, or about the cost – it’s free, aimed at trucking professionals, and with more meetings planned across Tennessee, there’s an opportunity for everyone to jump on board. As the inaugural CPR Safety Coalition Meeting came to a close, it was clear that this wasn’t just another event. It was the start of something bigger – a concerted effort towards a safer future on the roads. 

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📊 Event Slides

Dive into detailed analyses, insights, and innovative ideas shared during our sessions.You can view the slides here.

If you cannot access them through the above link. Please find the slides below.

Allen England – TN Highway Patrol

Stephanie.Mann- FMCSA

Dollena McHenry – TN Highway Patrol

Dan Pallme – TN Department of Transportation

Shannon Millsaps – THRIVE

Grady Phillips & Rhonda Harris – Workforce QA & Law Enforcement Agency

Jason Harris AL Law Enforcement Agency.

Captain Dawn Arrowood – GA Department of Public Safety

Sharae Moore – She Trucking Foundation

Wesley Barrell- GA Ports Authority

View the agenda from the Chattanooga Coalition for an overview of the day’s events.