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    Our West Tennessee Safety/Maintenance Council has regular meetings to discuss topics of interest and concern for safety and maintenance professionals.


    Virtual Meeting 6/11/2020


    The West TN Safety/Maintenance Council was pleased to have their June meeting virtually today, 6/11/2020. Maggie Copper was the speaker for the meeting and she gave us information on how things are changing and what she is seeing with the state and cities reopening. She gave input on how the courts are handling cases and including depositions in these crazy times.

    Maggie started by explaining that her law firm is on a half work from home and half work in office arrangement. Since law firms are deemed essential, some law firms have stayed fully open, some are operating at 50%, and some firms opted to close. But, just like every business, law firms are operating by the CDC recommendations – employees staying home if sick, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, fever screening, increase in cleaning practices, etc.

    She went on to discuss that each court has their own policies and procedures, such as anyone in the Supreme court courthouse has to wear a face mask, and no more than 10 persons in the court room at any time, not including the judge, bailiff, and clerk. There are no family, friends, or spectators allowed in the courtroom.

    In circuit court – most of the hearings are by zoom or other platforms that are similar, except for major motion issues. Maggie explains that virtual hearings are working well. Also, Shelby county is limiting juries to 6 people instead of 12 once open, but lawyers can reject a 6-person jury and request 12-person jury.

     Other topics discussed include the differences that Federal court is facing and what we can expect going forward. Lawyers expect to see tons of meditations electronically because of the positive feedback with virtual meditations due to COVID-19. Lastly, Maggie touched on the struggles of having virtual jury trials such as not being able to see full body, internet connection issues, etc.

    Chris Jones, Chairman 

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