Pictured L-R Phillip Edwards, Titan Transfer, Donna England, TTA, Senator Bill Hagerty, Tommy Hodges, Goggin Warehousing

On November 17, 2023, a luncheon was orchestrated by Titan Transfer, Inc. with U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty, backed by Team Hagerty. This gathering served as a chance for the senator to visit with trucking industry leaders.

This event highlighted the necessity and value of collaboration between industry stakeholders and government representatives. Such interactions are key to ensuring that the trucking community’s concerns and needs are heard and understood. 

As the trucking industry navigates a complex landscape, the interaction between leaders and policymakers like Senator Hagerty underscores the industry’s commitment to advocacy and policy. It’s through these proactive endeavors that we can turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities, solidifying a prosperous future for the trucking industry.