How about adding just one more New Year’s resolution to your list? Volunteer to speak to a class of middle school or high school students about the trucking industry and future career opportunities. Yes, you can do it. It is important to pass along our own experience and knowledge to future generations, it’s rewarding and now it is easier than ever. NGT has just launched a tool to help you tell the trucking story!


Exploring Careers: Trucking Industry classroom presentation is available to download for free from and can be used by anyone in trucking to educate students about the nature of our industry and open their eyes to possibilities. Not only is it formatted in PowerPoint and geared toward students but includes (6) videos to further explain and illustrate why trucking matters.


We are grateful to the task force of industry experts that contributed their time in developing the presentation, the financial contributions to produce the presentation, and those of you with a passion for trucking who will find it useful to inspire the next generation.   


Lindsey Trent

President & Co-Founder, Next Gen Trucking Association |