January 31, 2019 – Roughly 40 TTA members and executives and members of the Young Professional Council gathered at Terry Minor’s barn in Brentwood, TN for the first annual TTA/YPC Legacy Event. Several attendees spoke to the group.  Patrick Mendenhall announced Connie Vaughn, current TTA Chairman, Tommy Hodges, TTF President, and Dave Huneyager, TTA President.

Tommy Hodges shared a story from his youth about attending night school. In his statistics class the professor demonstrated an unfortunate, pervasive and familiar attitude towards the trucking industry and it has stuck with him ever since. TTA and YPC members agree that this attitude needs to shift.

All speakers and many attendees expressed excitement about the potential for the YPC group.

Heavy appetizers and refreshments were provided by Bacon & Caviar catering.

L to R, Standing: Michael Shipman, Taylor Minor, Greg Maniscalco, Edward Coble, Patrick Mendenhall, Adam Davis, Jeff Angst L to R, Seated: Holly Czuba, Darcie Tate Malone, Rob Marsh, Joe Fischer, Sarah Heffington