On August 10, 2019, 15 YPC members volunteered at the Nashville Rescue Mission in the Gulch by serving breakfast. Darcie Tate Malone said of their time at the Mission, It was an eye opening experience. We live in this protected bubble, unintentionally. To see how much poverty there is in this wonderful town makes me want to give back more.”  After serving breakfast during the early hours of the morning at the mission, YPC members enjoyed breakfast together afterwards.


Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs and services that focus on a person’s entire life—physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social.


Providing hope for today, hope for tomorrow, and hope for eternity to the hungry, homeless, and hurting.

McGavock High School’s Aviation & Transportation Academy has a picnic each year called Spring Wing Fling. This year it took place on May 17, 2019. Local partner organizations and companies participate by providing demonstrations and speaking with students about career opportunities and industry information.  The Academy has roughly 450 students.  Two members of the TTA road team (and the no zone truck and trailer) attended with 10 members of the YPC.  We spent several hours with students!  We are ready for additional opportunities to increase the trucking industry’s exposure with high schoolers.

On April 3, 2019 several YPC members joined the TTA at the Call on Nashville. We had a chance to meet with Representative Dan Howell, Chair of the TN House Transportation Committee and discuss several items relevant to the trucking industry.

We enjoyed a tour of the capitol and later a meeting with legislators at the reception held at Reese & Adams.

Huge thanks to Rob Marsh of Jost International for coordinating with the TTA on this event.

The YPC met at the TTA on March 3, 2019.

Several board members provided updates on projects in the works for YPC members.

Edward Coble /// Updates

McGavock High School Academies  – McGavock High School has a curriculum/pathway for students interested in Transportation/Auto/Diesel. Recruiting the next generation of talent is important to our mission. We’re in research gathering mode, looking for schools with vocational applications in curriculum.  Patrick and Edward did a tour, got an idea of what they had going on, what a partnership could look like. YPC ideally is hoping to do one event per quarter, still looking for ideas how what that would look like. Potentially having kids visiting our locations, having YPC members visit their schools. PENCIL is the accountability organization to fulfill partnership, protects responsibilities for all parties. We had a good discussion with McGavock and PENCIL representatives.

SAVE THE DATE: May 17, Spring Wing Fling  at McGavock. There is potential for us to participate, we will discuss more going forward.

SAVE THE DATE: August 10, 2019, Give Back Day. YPC members will be serving breakfast at Nashville Rescue Mission in the Gulch.

Patrick Mendenhall /// Updates

SAVE THE DATE: Sounds Game – July 30, 2019. We will be sending a link to purchase tickets in a few weeks. Until then, we have sponsorship opportunities available. Talk to Patrick if interested!

Quarterly Meetings at TTA office, lunchtime. – The YPC will be holding quarterly meetings at the TTA office in Nashville. Members could choose to host, have the meeting at your location, talk about what you do, etc. Cater lunch.  Holly sent out calendar invites for these future dates to get them on your calendar, location will be TBD depending on potential hosts…

  • June 4th 11 am
  • September 5 11 am
  • December 10 11 am

SAVE THE DATE: Top Golf Event — October 7, 2019 – Joe Fischer heading up this activity. Sarah, Taylor, Darcie, Morgan will also be managing this event.

(ReCap) Bill Reed Scholarship is a great situation, we’re fortunate and honored to have such support!

SAVE THE DATE: Call on Nashville – April 3, 2019

Rob Marsh is POC (Point of Contact) coordinating with Dave Huneyager/TTA on agenda items. That agenda has been sent out to members. We have 9-12 YPC members attending.

SAVE THE DATE: Call on Washington – April 29 -May 1, 2019

TTA leadership has a scholarship, in honor of Bill Reed Jr. of Skyline Transportation that will cover travel costs for one attendee. This will be awarded annually, TTA still working on process details. Application process likely to be 250 words covering why you’d like to attend.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please Email Donna to sign up for volunteering opportunities: dengland@tntrucking.org

By-Laws Update

By-laws are current, how we select who’s in what positions, what would happen if someone need to relieve themselves. Remaining process is adding new members. Membership is open to all TTA members, with referral process of current member. Have prospect attend a meeting to see if its a good fit. Have them then fill out the application on the tntrucking.org website.

Holly Czuba /// Updates

  • YPC Banner: Design Updated – Purchased, arrived and available for events.
  • Google Group: Listserv created to email members, members have been sent email address.
  • New Members can APPLY at the link on the TTA Website

January 31, 2019 – Roughly 40 TTA members and executives and members of the Young Professional Council gathered at Terry Minor’s barn in Brentwood, TN for the first annual TTA/YPC Legacy Event. Several attendees spoke to the group.  Patrick Mendenhall announced Connie Vaughn, current TTA Chairman, Tommy Hodges, TTF President, and Dave Huneyager, TTA President.

Tommy Hodges shared a story from his youth about attending night school. In his statistics class the professor demonstrated an unfortunate, pervasive and familiar attitude towards the trucking industry and it has stuck with him ever since. TTA and YPC members agree that this attitude needs to shift.

All speakers and many attendees expressed excitement about the potential for the YPC group.

Heavy appetizers and refreshments were provided by Bacon & Caviar catering.

L to R, Standing: Michael Shipman, Taylor Minor, Greg Maniscalco, Edward Coble, Patrick Mendenhall, Adam Davis, Jeff Angst L to R, Seated: Holly Czuba, Darcie Tate Malone, Rob Marsh, Joe Fischer, Sarah Heffington

  • Meeting Minutes from Last Meeting: Briefly covered
  • In attendance: Patrick Mendenhall, Greg Maniscalco, Joe Fischer, Holly Czuba, Taylor Minor
  • Jeremy’s Notes: Covered (Attendance to Legacy Event)
  • Becoming A Member: Process proposed
  • Dates for Year:
    • Sounds Game – July 30 / Will need 100 – 150 headcount, so will be a family & friends night!
    • Call on Nashville – April 3
    • Call on Washington – April 29 – May 1, 2019 / Anyone can go, we will have some go this year and some go next year
    • Top Golf Fundraiser – Monday October 7, 2019 – SAVE THE DATE
  • Legacy Event Details
    • Need to get a GROUP PICTURE at event

In Attendance:

  • Patrick Mendenhall
  • Holly Czuba
  • Edward Coble
  • Rob Marsh
  • Jeff Angst
    Joe Fischer
  • Darcie Malone
  • Taylor Minor
  • Sarah Huffington
  • Donna England
  • Jeremy Snapp

Meeting Topics/Discussions:

  • Election Results
  • Welcome by Dave Huneryager
  • Bylaws – Jeremy Snapp reviewed Bylaws, which is a living breathing document, can make amendments down the road as needed. The document defines what a member is, and how we are active in the TTA. One question brought to the table is how will we back fill positions, if that comes up…. YPC has 12 current members
  • TTF – Catherine Stuart Spoke to us about the TN Trucking Foundation and various events, including the Road Team, Big Rigs for Little Kids, TTF Scholarship, Teens & Trucks, Papa Doug Book, Partnerships with DOT, Fundraising via Kroger Rewards, Raffle and more.
    • Mission of Foundation is advance safety, educate general public and enhance industry image.
    • December 19 is raffle drawing next year.
    • New this year – Yellow Dot Program – two highest risks for accidents, aging drivers, and teens (teens being addressed through a current program, older drivers will be addressed through Yellow Dot).
    • Yellow Dot Program – Going into senior citizen centers, helping seniors fill out medical forms, TTF bring printers, picture goes on medical form, in packet in glove compartment, static cling yellow sticker goes on back of car, emergency responders can see sticker – TN one of 8 states that have adopted this type of program, grant allowed us to purchase the printers.
    • Car Fit is a secondary program to help senior citizens. – set up at senior citizen center, bring automobiles through, is seat/steering wheel well adjusted, is the seatbelt fitting ok/well. Amazon Smiles can link to TN Trucking Foundation

Calendar of Events Coming Up

  • Legacy Event – Terry’s Barn – Beverages being donated
  • Volunteer Opportunities – TECH Rodeo, April 11, Lebanon Expo Center.  Truck Driving Championships,                 April 26-27.
  • Call on Nashville – all of us need to participate on this – getting a tour, meeting legislators
  • Call on Washington – spots for 5 individuals, expense and travel on us, meet with legislators
  • Sounds Game, TBD, Pepsi Pavilion, $40/ticket
  • Top Golf Scholarship Fundraiser – raise some money for some scholarships, or something else, how can we raise this money
  • TTA Meet-Ups/Lunch – Casual
  • New Members — Application Process – Open to High Quality Members / Application going to go online, new members referred by current members
  • Publicity of YPC – Newsletter, Quarterly Magazine and Website, Holly will help with this.

In mid-September 2018 the Carolinas were severely impacted by Hurricane Florence. YPC members stepped up and helped deliver over 30,000 bottles of water and other goods to the most effected areas of the North Carolina coast.

About the TTA’s Young Professional’s Council

MISSION – The Young Professionals Council (YPC) is comprised of young trucking professionals who have passion and drive for the future of trucking in Tennessee. The council’s missions is “To empower and build camaraderie through the professional development of its young industry leaders through education, mentorship and leadership opportunities while continuing to grow and strengthen the Tennessee Trucking Association.”

For More Information – Please reach out to Patrick Mendenhall at 615-420-0862.

Please note: We are in the process of uploading our application.