The legislature is expected to return for a special session in Nashville on August 28, 2023 to address gun safety and security issues that arose out of the Covenant School shooting tragedy that occurred in March 2023. Governor Lee has been a proponent of enacting legislation that will address issues that are specifically related to how to limit individuals who are facing mental health issues from possessing certain firearms. Many members of the legislature, including those from rural areas, are taking a less active position on addressing gun-related issues. There have been many groups that have become very active, especially in Middle Tennessee, including parents of the Covenant School. These groups are advocating for the legislature to address issues regarding individuals with mental health issues possessing firearms, tightening up laws related to individuals who have been involved in domestic violence episodes from possessing firearms, as well as addressing the major issue related to individuals failing to keep their firearms properly secured when left in vehicles. The Nashville police department and other groups have estimated that over 70% of the violent crimes committed with guns in Nashville involve guns that have been stolen from vehicles. 

As a result of the upcoming special session, there has been very little fundraising activity this summer. TTA through its Truck PAC has been active in a few events and will continue to remain active throughout the year. The Tennessee Journal noted that TTA was active in assisting Senator Ferrell Haile recently, as well as Tim Hill, who is a former state Representative from East Tennessee. Tim Hill was reappointed to serve out the remaining term of Representative Scotty Campbell and recently won a special election. Tim was the former Chairman of the House Commerce Committee and decided not to run for re-election when he ran for Congress a few years ago. 

There is a recent article that was published and written by Adam Friedman for the Tennessee Lookout related to political spending in Tennessee since 2009. A link to the information is: The information is related to different trade associations, firms, companies, etc., who have not only spent PAC contributions but also on employing lobbyists since 2009. For what it is worth, TTA comes in at No. 98 out of the top 100, which is about where I expected TTA to be. Please remember, over the past 6 or 7 years TTA has increased its Truck PAC fundraising and contributions significantly, so the above article is somewhat skewed in regards to TTA. Note that many of the other companies employ several lobbyists at times, where TTA over the past 30 plus years has employed one lobbyist. This information is interesting and I just wanted to provide this to you so you can see that it is a big business at the legislature when it comes to hiring lobbyists and making PAC contributions. Since TTA has spent an estimated $1.5 million since 2009, it is important more than ever to support TTA and its legislative activities, especially by contributing to Truck PAC.

I hope you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you at the convention in San Destin, Florida.