The legislature adjourned in May and the summer has brought about a lot of fundraising activity for members who will be in full campaign mode next year. Also, 2022 will include a governor’s race with Governor Lee up for re-election and many other local elections. TTA has remained active through TruckPAC by supporting those legislators who have been supportive of the industry over the years.

Since May, several lawsuits have been filed over the “gender bathroom bill” that could result in criminal penalties for businesses that didn’t follow legislative guidance on posting signs that direct which bathrooms individuals can use. The legislation appears to be in for a serious legal challenge and at least one major Metro area prosecutor is refusing to enforce the law as passed. Also, the leaders in the House and Senate, as well as the Governor, have been struggling with how to address many developing issues that have arisen as the result of the surge of the Delta COVID virus as it relates to mandatory vaccine requirements by businesses and masking policies. House leadership is calling for a special session. Senate leadership and Governor Lee are balking and leaning toward allowing local schools and businesses to set their own rules as it pertains to vaccine and masking polices.  The Tennessee business community is very concerned about the prospect of a special session based on the possibility that the legislature will enact laws that will limit decision making by businesses to set their own polices for employees to provide a safe work environment.  If Governor Lee doesn’t call a special session, it will take two thirds of the legislature to call a special session. At this time the Senate leadership is not in agreement, so it is not likely we will have a special session. However, it is all still up in the air and if a special session is called this fall, TTA will be engaged. We are always focused on promoting legislation that is critical to the trucking industry and maintains the pro-business climate that we enjoy in Tennessee.

I look forward to seeing you at the convention in San Destin in September.  We are very fortunate to have legislators who are also members of TTA attend each year and look forward to their insight on legislative developments. I cannot emphasize how lucky we are to have Paul Bailey, Pat Marsh, and Bud Hulsey serving on the legislature. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.