This campaign season is very busy with some active races.  On June 20, 2022, TTA along with Adams and Reese hosted a fundraising dinner for Senator Jack Johnson from Williamson County. Jack is the current Republican Majority Leader in the Senate and longtime supporter of the trucking industry.  He has a well-funded primary opponent that has caused Jack to have to defend his pro-business record since being in the legislature. The event on June 20th was a major success and we couldn’t have sponsored the event without the support of members of TTA and the contributions made to TRUCK PAC.   Also, the individual support of Gary Sasser, Tommy Hodges, Scott George, JB Baker, Connie Vaughn, and Jack McKee made the event a major success. TTA will be hosting a similar event this fall for House Commerce Chairman Kevin Vaughn of West Tennessee.  Please continue to support TRUCK PAC with your contributions and support.