The legislature adjourned in early May and looks to return in January of 2022. The legislature began its session in January in the middle of the worst period of the COVID 19 pandemic. Over several months, the legislature did not know for certain what type of schedule would be adopted to conduct its business, pass a budget and adjourn for the year. Fortunately, the legislature was able to proceed forward without interruption and by the end of the session was able to not only witness an improvement in the COVID 19 infections in Tennessee but also witness an unprecedented growth in revenue as indicated by an increase of several hundred million dollars in revenues in April 2021 as compared to April 2020.

This summer we will be busy with fundraising activities and, of course, TTA will always stay active and support those members who have been supportive of the industry over the years. Your support of TruckPAC is always so important and we look forward to seeing your support continue throughout the next several months. With no major study committees set to meet this summer, we will go on a short summer break in regard to publishing a monthly legislative update; however, if an issue arises that we did not anticipate, we will send an update. Once bill introductions begin in the early fall, we will begin updating the newsletter on a regular basis.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention and, as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.