On May 3-4th, 2024, truckers from all across Tennessee gathered at the FedEx Freight Nashville facility in Antioch, TN for the much-anticipated annual Truck Driving Championships (TDC). Despite the rain, the event unfolded with an electrifying atmosphere as drivers showcased their expertise behind the wheel. We’re thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s competition, who will soon be gearing up to compete in the nationals this fall. You can view the 2024 state champions here.



A special thank you goes out to all our sponsors and companies for submitting their drivers and contributing to the success of this event. Although we are proud to announce this year’s winners, it would be shortsighted not to congratulate everyone who participated in this year’s championships. Just qualifying alone boasts a record of a year of accident-free and “safely keeping Tennessee on the move.” You can click here to view all of this year’s scores. 



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Driver of the Year:
Jay Williams – TCW

Inspector Challenge 2024:
Winner: Trp. Dallas Lange
Runner Up: Trp. Nathan Hall

Pre-Trip Inspection:
Samuel Bryant – FedEx Freight, Inc.

Rookie of the Year:
Lonnie Cole, Walmart Transportation

Team Trophy:
FedEx Freight, Inc.

Fred Thayer Grand Champion:
Hobie Eirich, FedEx Freight, Inc.

Step Van:
1st: Jason Flowers – FedEx Ground
2nd: Scott Lambert – FedEx Freight, Inc.
3rd: Ethan Thennes – FedEx Ground

Straight Truck:
1st: Steven Magers – FedEx Freight, Inc.
2nd: Calvin Douglas – FedEx Freight, Inc.
3rd: Kerry Young – Walmart Transportation

Three-Axle Van:
1st: Gary Luster – FedEx Freight, Inc.
2nd: Danny Ewell – Walmart Transportation
3rd: Mike Hixon – Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc.

Four-Axle Van:
1st: Hobie Eirich – FedEx Freight, Inc.
2nd: Derek Snoderly – FedEx Freight, Inc.
3rd: Brian Turner – Old Dominion Freight Lines

Five-Axle Van:
1st: Timothy Blair – Fed Ex Freight, Inc.
2nd: Jeff Coffey – Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc.
3rd: Ed Hauhn – The Martin-Brower Company

1st: Lonnie Cole – Walmart Transportation, LLC.
2nd: Covey Thompson – The Martin Brower Company
3rd: Phil Shelton – Walmart Transportation LLC

1st: Ray Shelton – FedEx Freight, Inc.
2nd: Jamie Sowder – FedEx Freight, Inc.
3rd: Brandon Knight – Huff and Puff Trucking Inc.

1st: Ronny Hamill – FedEx Freight, Inc.
2nd: Michael Young – FedEx Freight, Inc.
3rd: Michael Patterson – FedEx Freight, Inc.

1st: Dean Hiles – Walmart Transportation Inc.
2nd: Jeff Barton – Fed Ex Freight, Inc.
3rd: Thomas Vandivort – The Martin-Brower Company



TDC Final Scores 


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