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Tennessee Trucking Foundation

June 2023 Road Team Calendar & May photo recap


The Tennessee Road Teams Captains calendar was full of exciting events from the second half of May.

Keep reading to view the  June 2023 Road Team calendar and photos from events held throughout May 2023. 


June 2023 Calendar

Jun 3 SOS Fest Chattanooga FD / Teens & Trucks and Yellow Dot in Chattanooga, TN
Jun 7 Junior 4-H Camp in Greeneville, TN
Jun 12-16 TNSRO Conference in Pigeon Forge, TN
Jun 14 TN Teen Institute at UT Martin
Jun 14 North Chattanooga Center Teens & Trucks in Chattanooga, TN
Jun 14

Chris Ramsey Center Teens & Trucks in Chattanooga, TN

June 16 Girls, Inc. Center


Jun 17 American Truck Historical Society Truck Show

Jun 20 

Roane County Senior Center

Jun 20

John A Patten Center 
Jun 20 Avondale
Jun 21 Chris Ramsey Center
Jun 22 Montgomery Co Teen Driver Safety Awareness
June 23 Rule the Road
Jun 26 Chris Ramsey Center
Jun 29 South Chattanooga Center
July 5 City of Chattanooga Community Development/The Centenary






Invite a Road Team Captain to your event!

Contact Ashlee Taylor (ATaylor@tntrucking.org) to bring this free highway safety program to your school or organization!



Road Team Captain May 2023 Recap 


May 4th | ETN Big Rigs Golf Tournament: The road teams participated in the ETN Big Rigs Golf Tournament on May 4th, which was held to raise funds for children’s charities and the foundation scholarship fund. Click for more photos


May 4th – 6th | Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show: The road teams attended the Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show, which featured various truck models, live music performances, and food vendors. Click for more photos.


May 8th | Warren County High School: The road teams visited Chapel Hill Elementary and Warren County High School, where they interacted with students, gave presentations on road safety, and distributed educational materials. Click for more photos.


May 10th | Careers on Wheels: The road teams participated in the Careers on Wheels event held at the Middle Tennessee State University campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, aimed at promoting careers in the trucking industry. Click for more photos.


May 10th | MTN Golf Tournament: The road teams attended the MTN Golf Tournament on May 10th to help with the event. Click for more photos.


May 10th | Bartlett Freshman Academy: The road teams visited Bartlett Freshman Academy to share road safety with the students. Click for more photos. 


May 13th | Veterans Memorial Park Block Party: The road teams attended the Veterans Memorial Park Block Party. Click for more photos. 


May 17th|Oakridge Senior Center Carfit: Road team captains helped Seniors improve their driving experience by fitting them properly into their vehicles at this event. Click for more photos.


May 17th|Eastgate Community Center Senior Service Fair  Click for more photos.



May 18th | Academy of Aviation & Transportation Spring Wing Fling  Click for more photos.


May 19th | Remake Learning Days Click for more photos.


May 26th | Safety Breaks Click for more photos.

May 31st | Knoxville Scales Roadside Event:  Click for more photos.


On May 26, 2023, the Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) and Foundation (TTF) hosted their annual “Safety Break” event, an initiative aimed at promoting highway safety and raising awareness about safe driving practices. The event brought members of the TTA Road Team, TTA Safety Management Council, and the Department of Safety to share resources and education with travelers during the Memorial Day weekend. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this successful event.

Each location featured a tractor-trailer on display to help travelers see the four blind spots around large vehicles where accidents are more likely to occur. Attendees were able to climb inside the trucks and experience the blind spots firsthand, which served as a powerful demonstration of the importance of being cautious around these vehicles.

Throughout the event, Road Team Captains shared safe driving practices. These discussions also shed light on the risks associated with impaired driving, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as the dangers of drowsy driving and distracted driving, including texting or using cell phones. And it wouldn’t be an event with the Road Team Captains without the use of Fatal Vision Goggles. Many participants “walked the line” while wearing goggles that simulated various levels of intoxication

In addition to the educational aspects, free refreshments were offered to visitors, creating an opportunity for casual conversations about highway safety and promoting positive interactions between the trucking industry and the public. We want to thank McKee Foods for providing a variety of Little Debbies snacks and thank all the members who provided refreshments for all of the visitors on Friday.

Thank you again to everyone who made this year’s Safety Breaks a success. Through interactive experiences, educational discussions, and community engagement, you’ve helped to continue to promote highway safety across Tennessee. We can’t wait to see everybody out again next year! 


Click to view more photos.

We are excited to announce that the Tennessee Trucking Foundation is a 2023 recipient of both the FedEx Freight Charitable Giving Program and the Predators Foundation Helper Grant. These funds will allow us to continue our mission to advance highway safety and save lives on Tennessee’s roadways through education and information, as well as, through our Road Team events. Our 32 Road Team Captains are professional truck drivers who take the message of highway safety all across Tennessee. The goal of Tennessee’s Road Team is to create a safe driving environment and save lives on our highways by educating motorists, especially new teen drivers, on how to safely share the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles.


We would like to extend our immense gratitude to FedEx Freight and the Nashville Predators for this opportunity to continue our dedicated work of saving lives in Tennessee!



Ashlee Taylor, Tennessee Trucking Foundation Coordinator

The Tennessee Trucking Foundation Road Team has been having a fantastic year in 2023, representing the trucking industry with pride and professionalism at a variety of events. From the Future Farmers of America Convention to Touch-A-Truck, Battle Creek Middle School, and Chapel Hill Car Fit, the team has been making their presence felt across the state. 

Through it all, the Road Team Captains have demonstrated their expertise and commitment to safety, sharing their experiences with the public and emphasizing the importance of following the rules of the road and always wearing a seatbelt. If you’re interested in seeing the Road Team in action, be sure to check out the calendar below to stay up-to-date on upcoming events. The Tennessee Trucking Foundation is doing important work in promoting the trucking industry and safe drivers for our community, and we’re grateful for all of the hard work that the Road Team is doing to make that happen.



May 2023 | Tennessee Trucking Foundation Road Team Calendar 

  May 4 ETN Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournament, Egwani Farms Golf Course
  May 4-6 Large Cars and Guitars Truck Show, Kodak TN
  May 5 Chapel Hill Elementary Touch A Truck, Chapel Hill, TN
  May 5 Greeneville Roadside, Greeneville, TN
  May 8-9 Warren County High School Teens & Trucks Event, McMinnville, TN
  May 8 National Tourism Week, Kingsport Welcome Center
  May 10 Careers on Wheels, Clinton, TN
  May 10 MTN Big Rigs Golf Tournament, Old Hickory, TN
  May 10-11

Bartlett Freshman Academy Teens & Trucks event, Bartlett, TN

  May 12 CarFit Coordinator Training, TTA Office
  May 13 Veteran’s Memorial Park Block Party, LaVergne, TN
  May 17 Oakridge Senior Center CarFit & Yellow Dot, Oak Ridge, TN
  May 17 Eastgate Community Center Senior Service Fair Yellow Dot, Chattanooga, TN
  May 18 Academy of Aviation & Transportation Spring Wing Fling, McGavock, TN
  May 19 Remake Learning Days Teens & Trucks event, TCAT Knoxville
  May 19 Brownsville Roadside, Brownsville Scales
  May 20

Fairfield Glade Police Department Motorcycle Safety Awareness Teens & Trucks and Yellow Dot event, Fairfield Glade, TN

  May 20

Jackson Madison County Health and Safety Fair, Teens & Trucks and CarFit, Jackson, TN

  May 26 Safety Breaks
  May 31 Knoxville Roadside, Knoxville Scales