Illegal Towing and Booting in Memphis


Over the past several weeks, TTA has been engaged with local and state officials addressing a predatory towing issue in Memphis. A1 Towing and Hauling in Memphis has been accused of illegally towing and booting tractor trailers in violation of multiple state and local laws as related to fees, aggressive activity, notice, impersonating law enforcement and other inappropriate activity. Numerous complaints have been filed by trucking companies from all across the country. Several TTA members have been victims. In addition, Several A1 employees have been arrested although some charges have been dropped. To make matters worse the local courts have been slow to address the issue.

We have been working with Mayor Strickland’s office in Memphis and have had several calls with the Memphis legal director and staff members for the Memphis Transportation Commission.

Memphis has taken action to revoke the company’s permit that should occur in the near future. A 1 has had its permits revoked in other areas of the state and country. The Tennessee Towing Association has been supportive of our efforts and are outraged by A 1’s activity. Complaints have been filed with the Tennessee Attorney General, and an investigation has been initiated. A meeting will be held soon with the Attorney General’s office. In addition, it is expected that major carriers in Tennessee will be filing a lawsuit against A 1.

Senator Paul Bailey and Representative Pat Marsh are supportive of our efforts. Unfortunately, nothing from a legislative standpoint can be done in the near future until the legislature returns in January. At issue is a “ booting law” which was enacted earlier this year that was intended to add consumer protections to prevent this very type of activity. We are confident that A 1 is violating the new law, Public Chapter 220. We will be pursuing legislation in 2024 to make it clear that A 1 is subject to the consumer protections provided under the law, that local laws are not preempted, and storage fees are limited.

If your company has been affected by this activity in Memphis, please let TTA know.

We received word on November 29th that the City of Memphis has suspended the permit of A 1 for 30 days.