Laws Taking Effect July 1, 2023

On July 1, a slate of new laws will go into effect in Tennessee. Legislation with specific importance to the industry include two bills highlighted below.

Public Chapter 39 (SB210/HB180). This legislation, sponsored by TTA, will add an additional 2,000 lb. variance on tractor trailers that are operated by electric motors and powered by electric batteries.  This is currently allowed on all federal highways but needs to be extended to state highways.  This is the exact variance currently allowed for tractor trailers that are operated by natural gas.

Public Chapter 229 (SB1337/HB87). This legislation was sponsored by TTA, working in conjunction with other groups, in an effort to tighten up additional notice provisions for the towing of vehicles on private property to line up with the requirements for public property tows. 

Revising the state towing statute is an ongoing process. The statutes are extremely antiquated and were first enacted as far back as 1938. In the near future, we suspect some type of overall modernization of these towing statutes will be seriously considered. Please note, one section of the legislation takes effect July 1, 2023. All other remaining sections went into effect upon becoming law, April 25, 2023.