TTF fulfills its mission through the following programs and events through the support of our Grant Partners:


Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee – received grant to “advance highway safety and help older drivers understand the impact that aging can have on their safe driving skills

State Farm – received grant to support the Teens and Trucks program

TN Highway Safety Office – received grant to support Teens and Trucks program and the TN Road Team and to wrap 4 TTA members’  trailers with colorful, impactful No Zone graphics

TN Highway Safety Office – received grant to support a new “Drowsy Driving” campaign which was kicked off at our 2017 Safety Breaks across the state

Nashville Predators – received grant to support the Teens and Trucks program

Tennessee’s Road Team educates the public, including students and driver education classes, Elementary Schools and Senior Citizens on highway safety and how to safely share the road with a large truck.

Teens & Trucks Share The Road Training Program was created in collaboration with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and American Trucking Associations. Together these partners developed a program to help educate teens about safe driving practices around large trucks and commercial vehicles.  The program includes an instructor lesson plan, student workbook, and DVD.

Senior Citizens This year we have expanded our safety message to the driving public who are age 55 and over. This group of drivers has now become one of the age groups with the highest number of fatalities in automobile accidents in Tennessee. Tennessee’s driver license renewal laws do not attempt to identify, evaluate nor regulate older drivers whose driving habits and abilities may be deteriorating as they age. Tennessee Trucking Foundation proposes to address the growing need to help Tennessee’s older drivers polish their driving skills, increase awareness of their changing abilities, and learn to adapt their driving practices accordingly, especially around large trucks.  Part of the approach will be to educate them about the difference in operating a big truck and an automobile, and how that knowledge can impact them on the roadway.  The objective will be to prevent fatalities by positively impacting driving behavior.  If you would like to schedule a Road Team Captain for your Senior Citizen Center, church, civic group or anywhere seniors gather, please call the TTA office at (615) 777-2882.

Big Rigs for Little Kids Golf Tournaments, held in four locations across the state, benefit a number of Tennessee children’s charities and the TTF Scholarship Fund.

 TTF Scholarship Program provides scholarships to juniors and seniors in a Tennessee College who are dependent children, spouses or employees of companies who are members of TTA.   TENNESSEE TRUCKING FOUNDATION AWARDED $7,500 in SCHOLARSHIPs for the 2018-19 academic year. TTA congratulates all Recipients !!  Information about the 2019-2020 applications coming soon!

 Kroger Gift Card Fundraising Program  is an excellent way to raise funds and support the Tennessee Trucking Foundation all year long! Just swipe your registered Kroger Plus Card each time you shop for groceries, buy gift cards, or fill your tank with gas! Kroger donates a percentage back to the Foundation! Please encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to link their Kroger Plus Card to the Tennessee Trucking Foundation and help raise funds to support Highway Safety Education in Tennessee!